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The D-AO-Seal Removal

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 288 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

Unnatural Draco Hybrid and AO Seals (The D-AO-Seals) The client must have had J-Seal Removal & Deep Chakra Clearing prior to Aryan Occult Seal Removal to understand the serious nature of this removal, and to be energetically prepared with the knowledge of what deep psychic surgery consists of. ​ Client Must read session descritpion page or watch introductory video and sign waiver and acknowledgement form prior to session. This waiver will be sent to you after the session is purchased and must be signed, dated, and returned prior to session. The Reason being... ​ The Aryan traumas are still very fresh within this generation's trauma wounds and collective pain bodies. The unhealed memory in a human energy field could be used to attach and even possess a human's spiritual body, these seals influence inherently through Draco hybrids and Leviathan's that are being used to send transmissions to the planetary brain which reflects it's painful history since the timeline of Atlantis and even more so damaging to the current beings on earth in the timeline of the Aryan's. This session is to remove all Aryan Occult Seals which may emotionally hurt, trigger painful memories, or offend you if not fully informed of what it is your removing. Please only proceed if you truly feel that you are ready, and have read the description of the seals. This is a 1 1/2 hour interactive D-AO-Seal Removal private session through Zoom. This Session includes: Protection Building of Astral Field & Spiritual Armor Installation Universal Tree of Life Clearing- if needed 6th Tonal Line Clearing 10th DNA Strand Repair 10th Vagus Nerve Repair Full DNA and Cellular Repair Restoration of Masculine Template D-AO-Seal Removal Liquid Light Cleanse This session costs: $288.00 It is recommended to Liquid Fast or detox for best results 36 hours after Session for Best results. This is not required. *No Refunds for this Session, allowed one reschedule. **Prices are subject to change.

Contact Details

  • United States

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