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Gridwork Facilitator

A Beginner to Expert Level Course Unleashing Your Inner Gridworking Abilities as an Instructor

Available on Patreon at the highest tier. 


The total course cost: $352.00 

Payment options are available


7 Live Calls

1 Live Group Gridwork Session

Facilitator Certificates will be issued

Course 1/ October 22, 2022
Course 2/ November 22, 2022
Course 3/ January 22, 2023

Course 4/ February 22, 2023
  Each Course:
  Lesson 1 - 10AM CST
  Lesson 2 - 2PM CST


Course 1 / October 22, 2022


  • What is gridwork? Becoming a Grid-worker (Intro to Gridwork)

  • Gridwork Anatomy (Ley Lines, Stargates (Organic and Man-made), Mother Arcing Sites, Sacred Sites, Inner Earth Passageways, Crystal Discs, and Sacred Crystal Caverns)


Course 2 / November 22, 2022


  • Stargate Mechanics and Grid Templates (Inner Functioning of Anatomy and Electromagnetic Planetary Geomagnetism)

  • Charting Grids for Navigation, Control vs Organic Overlays and Inter-Lays

Course 3 / January 22, 2023


  • Remote Viewing and Group Bi-Location into Landing Sites, Discovery, and Extraction 

  • The Flow of the Journey, Group Participation Etiquette and Safety, Tools and Healing Modalities

Course 4 / February 22, 2023


  • How to show up as a gridwork facilitator, hosting your container

  • Final Group Gridwork Ceremony


Presented by Amanda Jane DeMarco
Known as Indigo Angel

My name is Amanda Jane Demarco, I go by IndigoAngel on YouTube. Some of you may already know me and some of you may be seeing me for the very first time. A little quick background about me, so you have some idea in what energies I am ultimately rooted in and the perspective in which I come from. 


So currently the hat that I like to wear is the term planetary grid reader. You may have seen my cosmic grid updates or have participated in my group grid sessions in my memberships. 


What planetary grid reader means is I intuitively read the living consciousness matrix in the earth’s spiritual body that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanity. 


Currently I focus a lot of my attention shinning the light on in-organic architecture, nefarious and man made stargates to expose decepticons in the earth. 


False artificial timelines and narratives and death culturalism. That's probably the most exciting part of my day job, besides working one one one with you all energetically through my sessions that I offer and traveling to stargate sites all over the world and making art. 


In this Gridwork Facilitator course you will gain the fundamental skills necessary to facilitate remote group grid sessions with the focus on cultivating the highest level of psychic ability within your students and participants, becoming a master gridwork guide.

This is an expert level container with course teacher Amanda Jane DeMarco, IndigoAngel who has many years worth of high level facilitation experience. With the focus on everything from the ground basics, intro to gridwork, gridwork anatomy, stargate mechanics, gridwork etiquette, how to guide and lead,  navigating healing modalities in the container and so much more. 


The coursework will be implemented as 2-classes once a month over a 4-month span. You can pay as you go and attend for each month or you can purchase the entire course up front and save your spot.

Gridwork Sessions

Testimonials of previous gridwork participants

Troy DeMello
"WOW, awesome time watching the grid session. It's my soul calling along with site healing. Won't miss another one live, juiced up with Abundance of Light. Beautiful Soul family. 💚🙏🌎🤙 God Bless"
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