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Cygnus Supernova 3 DAYS OF LIGHT Swan Grid 222 New Earth Templates DOUBLE DIAMOND White Ray

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We have the 2-22-22 stellar gate alignment portal coming up. That’s going to highlight the 2222 frequency. The higher humanity codes. Which are brought through the double diamond liquid crystal templates….And this date 2-22-22 is so heightened and activated because this is the day the Pluto return is full manifestation. This represents a cosmic rebirthing, globally, planetarily and particularly within the United States. The US is feeling this Pluto return the most because it’s been 248 years -which is the full cycle of Pluto, marks the anniversary of the Us foundation of 1776.

So we will be getting a shadow clearing and release. From these powerful alignments. Will this mark an official release of the J-Seals? Or pressure off the selenite rods? I do feel we are building momentum towards this. I know many of you have been hearing about a prophesized solar flash event that is to come and activate the great spiritual awakening on earth. It has also been seen as the rapture, soul harvest, armageddon, or judgment day. That has been destined to happen sometime over the next decade once a sufficient mass of humanity has awakened and has breached a critical threshold in the level of consciousness. A massive burst of Cosmic waves will be transmitted from the Central Sun (Sagittarius A / Blackhole at the Center of Galaxy) through our Sun. Into what is the solar triplicity- which is the Central sun, the solar sun, and the earth’s center sun- the core of the earth. It will appear on Earth as Milky Warm Liquid Light. Diamond light…

Ready humans... spiritually/energetically will experience near-instant evolution and transmutation of 2 strands double helix DNA Carbon-based Life form into Crystalline Life Form having a Light Body with Multiple Additional (up to 12) DNA Strands and shall then ‘ascend’ to 5TH Dimensional Earth in their Physical Bodies. But what if I told you something may be coming that will re-assemble the 24-48 Stands of DNA. Activating the 22 chakra system and above. That will Re-construct the entire collective soul matrix by re-encoding the entire inner earth sun in double-diamond light.

The swan grid template is the template that will come from this…. indigo, 144,000 rebirthing, activating the 144 harmonics in the earth….Anchoring the double-diamond light sun body. That's the diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun. That's why you can see in the picture here the diamond emanating from the swan, from the 7 higher harmonic universe’s…that is a portal to the next universe.

That means that during this time of great Lemurian revival. Transition, we are opening up portals to not only future tara and integrating from that place but also the next universes of the Laniakea systems. That will…Activate the 144,000. Because these templates start base frequency at 144,000 and above…. As the base grid templating rises in the earth….for some it will be attainment, some it will be installation, some it will be graduation, for some it will be mission…..but either way baseline will be the 144,000 earth grid templating. It comes when the emerald crystals are activated in the earth’s crystal caverns, the sapphire crystals, the aqua aura crystals- the rare and unique gems…the malachite… the moldavite, it will begin to grow sophistic flowering plasma chakras…which will upgrade all of the biological grids… Below these fields bringing them in a consistent upward motion and shedding of density possibly bring forth the third messiah…and activate the golden gate in Jerusalem and obliterate all the blockages on this gate system…

This is the actual house and crystal star design that all starseeds on this earth achieve to embody- the eternal cosmic Christos plasma light….Free of crucifixion, persecution and stigmata. The victors of christ and full rehabilitation of the majority of the Anunnaki collective…Now This may come through a stellar cosmic supernova gamma wave from two different incidents in Alpha Cygnus reaching our earth body by July 2022…..meaning solar explosions in Cygnus have gamma rays coming to earth as we speak…And I could be wrong….the schematics of time could be more extended into the future. but these probabilities are active in the planetary organic galactic synchronizations of time as we speak….If this happens fully… we may have 3 days of light consecutively with no nights… no turning off…. No darkness….by July 2022….

The last time anything like this has ever happened… they were writing about it in the book of genesis….where we had six consecutive days of light. And the conception and the birth of everything in our universe that was brought forth to the earth was done by the third day. So you can imagine the possibilities of three straight days of pure light….

This may be even more spectacular than the solar flash event, this may be the spark to the golden age that takes us into a higher harmonic universe of existence and creation. Eradicating all darkness on the earth…starting with the deepest trenches and canyons on the earth… Where the deepest darkness resides. This is where the wings of the Swan expand to begin its touch points from the grand canyon in Arizona to the Marianna trench…..where the light will appear for the first time in a long time in those deepest darkest spaces in the earth….And it’s not just the grand canyon and the Marianna trench its all deep dark canyons, trenches, volcanic trenches, in the spaces in the pacific ring of fire where the ouroboros of our earth consumes themselves again and gain… …that is why the earth’s identity is a serpent-like in the first place…is because of that process. We have already been beginning to integrate this light from Cygnus… atomic gamma rays from February-March 2022.

Alex Collier speaks about this….so the andromedans know about this too….it takes 2600 light-years of traveling for it to get to us from alpha Cygnus’s which was the last supernova wave that happened in the 1600s and possibly another one that occurred even 15,000 years ago. We will be integrating that light into a photonic blast wave.

What I think is happening is Cygnus may be dominating the race morphogenetic field encoding in the precession cycles, as the main indigo template in the earth if it’s the primary system creating the most supernova wave blasts. A primary birthing location of stars…. Most stars are born in the nano-diamond of the milky way…I have also been seeing that it was the Pleiadians who last encoded the race morphogenetic field in terms of the light-gridding intelligence field in the last precession.

The templates may be being designed simply by the wave blast particles and light from stars being born and colliding in particular systems according to the precession cycle. There is also supposed to be another event in Cygnus that we can see with our eyes. The main one at this time that may play the most main role we have right now in stellar evolution. A collision of two stars in Cygnus will be visible for up to 6 months…. The diamond rains of Cygnus that holds all indigo records from the primordial cloud…The diamond rains made heat for us to thrive…

Now Egyptians in death believed that the soul got pushed to the north.The king's and pharaoh's long descent into the afterlife was aligned to the northern star Deneb into the rebirth of the womb of nut…Which is Cygnus in the nanodiamonds of the milk-way…We should be integrating the gamma rays by February to March 2022, and we may experience the 3 days of light by July 2022…