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G.W. was a Draco Ambassador from Orion, Hijacked Presidential Timelines, 13 Colony Karma

I want to give a special thank you and shout out to my Guardian Rescue A-team, who has now completed the first two workshops in preparation for DC! I am honored to be a part of our shared experience and that you have decided to join me, Noko, and Felix in our spiritual declaration of independence!!! This will be a 4th of July we may never forget after the DC trip is completed! We are well on moving into the power grid control player location! 1 out of the 3 global unholy trinity sites of the Roman power pyramid!

So to prepare, we did a full purification workshop and shadow workshop! As these preparation phases are essential at reversal stargate sites! Reversal stargate mechanics are extensively powerful vortexes that collectively link back into black hole systems and the universal shadow body. As you know, I gained much experience by visiting Rome and scouting the holographic architecture there. They hold severe traumatic wounds experienced by the collective consciousness, resulting in disconnection with the eternal God source fields. The Shadow Selves formed into larger egregores of dark consciousness bodies shaped into an organizing principle based on the total absence of light and dead light. You may have felt the overwhelmingness of this coming into the year 2023, as it was extremely dense as we shifted into these higher Earth and new Earth potentials that peak out from the darkness. And these dark forces have descended even further through the abuse of inorganic technology, pedo-philia, gender destruction, SRA, and AI systems. Coming into contact with a reversal stargate system is the closest one can get to the feeling of being in a black hole or wormhole on the Earth's body. They can stir up deep pain, hatred, betrayal, envy, greed, and lust. Core world wounding trauma. And push into your inner shadow, exposing what's deeply repressed inside you. They expose the shadow within and without personally and collectively. Which is good! They are the polarity needed to see what is hidden to purify more deeply, for the souls of the indigos and the 144 to align with mission. Hence, deep purification and shadow work awareness are needed before immersion or gridwork experiences at these locations.

The risk matches the rewards with these particular gate systems, though, meaning the more you seek the reversal corrections, the more profound the purification and cleansing one can achieve on a soul level, personally and collectively. I felt so much come off my soul from Rome that sent me into a much more sensitive and enlightened state of being. Many will have revelational and miraculous experiences and soul clearings that are unbound by serving humanity in our deepest degradation locations on Earth. So to prepare, many of us are detoxing to drop density and weight and upgrade our light body fields. I have been on a 3-day water fast- and I plan to make it 5 days to quickly anchor more of the crystalline grid light into my field. The Rishic 12D golden light of the dove grid (read article below). The avatar earth matrix!

D.C. Observations, what we may be implementing in terms of gridwork. This pre-phasing is so essential to building a spiritual framework for initiation and holographic architecture restructuring that is presenting. We will be documenting how to direct the energies as it is revealing itself.

One thing I have noted is there are deep layers of American pride- unchecked distorted and negative ego lenses with partial visibility and observation, and an American arrogance blocking the mental field just in terms of the America Heart/brain complex. The distortion route runs primarily from New York to Washington D.C. to Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The United States version of the national unholy trinity.

I see it is vital to dismantle the House of Pride/- what the white house technically represents.

An egregore of negative collective self-ego: we must Evict the Spirit of Pride. Pride has gotten in the way of peace, and pride has gotten in the way of essential decisions for organic angelic humans' true freedom and sovereignty. I have been seeing the flame of Humility is supposed to be lit in D.C.- one of the seven leading spirits of Christ. True Humility because it is a Spiritual Virtue of Christ, and virtues protect us from unconsciously giving our consent and power to the predator realm of negative ego thoughts that cloud the black magic grids and negative timelines extending from D.C. The virtue flames being reinstalled can rebuild the principle of morality in the astral field structures in D.C.

We need to Clear the karma of the 13 original colonies. These are thothian/Leviathan grids that maintain the grid ley lines of the J-Seals. And I really can't believe that no -one is talking about this recognizing that planetary j-seals run extensively through these lands and no-one has questioned, why is that? (See picture below) This ties together the karma of the 13 original colonies to the Atlantian grids. The Atlantean black hole matrix system overlays.

That propagated the intergalactic Atlantic slave trade deals-one of the most significant core world wounds and the most enormous rip and tear in our space-time continuum to ever exist!

So the binding of slavery, suffering, crucifixion, martyrdom, holocaust, ethnic cleansing, monarchy seals, Draco seals, etc. This is a massive unseen hijacking system!!! Plaguing the energetic accelerative vortexes of revolution. So J-Seal removal and Draco Seal Removal at this time are heightened to push the collective to deeper levels of sovereignty. It all starts with you and your internal clearing and then working to help others to see too! See the planetary J-Seal's running through the lands of the 13 Original Colonies below.

I am currently offering free self-removal videos on my blog at (links above) and of course, also offering personal sessions for these removals if you need assistance with your removal; every dollar you spend with me goes back to the gridwork mission, goes back to the investment of spiritual gridwork revolution! If you would like to book, I will leave links in the blog to learn about these seal systems and links to the self-removal videos and sessions. If you want to do all the implant removals with me, book the diamond package, and we can tackle all running implant systems! If you want to know how I have gotten to where I am today, it is by liberating my soul from the etheric shackles of these distortions and becoming more sovereign through the implant and seal removal!

I am also now teaching a course in September that is available for registration now. To introduce each one of these implant and seal systems and offer certification for others to do the removals as a facilitator.

This Implant and Seal Removal Certification Course ~ is designed to train the facilitator/Instructor with all skills necessary to remove Implants and Seals to four different implant & seal systems. A high-level Mastery Instructor Attunement 6-Day/ 2-Weekend Live Class in September 2023! Get Ready to deliver effective seal/implant removals for clients, students, and friends. Become an expert on removing negative holographic and light body blockages according to our shared Akashic galactic history and root race timelines!

This will be my best and most detailed course yet for those ready to advance in mastering spiritual blockage removal technology/holographic architecture removal.

In Washington, D.C. I have also been seeing We need to clear the hijacked Presidential timelines. Thomas Jefferson Timelines to clear deeper levels of Freemason shadow willy wonka. JFK timelines to clear invasion and manipulation timelines. Eisenhower timelines- which has been extensively involved in the submission to the willy wanka of grey technology and the negative technological implication of this, according to A.I. George Bush to clear 911 timelines. Obama timelines and Trump timelines to clear the timelines of untruths and hatred. George Washington's timeliness- as he was part of a group of beings that came to earth from a particular bloodline. They were a part of the creation of the united states from the Orion System. Which I do believe was an ambassador for the Draco system to build into the virgin lands of the United States draconic Law! Our entire land is ridden with Draco Seals- they are everywhere, particularly at the capital building. We will identify these seal systems and their totality once we scope and pre-scout the land more thoroughly boots on the ground.

We need to Clear the astral and etheric snakes all over the surface of the earth grids in D.C. They guard the grids for the Dracos, so this would be the serpent/Anunnaki/Aquilan/Draco hybridization programs. (Not See's) were also the first groups contacted by white Dracos, the royal Draco. Draco has always been here experimenting on humanoid reptilians before the grander experiment of modern man came to be within 40-60 super federation groups participating in the coming of angelic humans 500,000 years ago. They had a plan for D.C. since the beginning of it's creation just like Rome. They stronghold the Orion, Altair, and Aldebaran systems and have hybridized with 75 percent of other star races in our universal system and dominated their mass hybridization programs in the Aryan timeline. Here is where the Aryan occult seals were placed and solidified in the organic earth template.

We need to clear the hive net running through the grid grounds at the White House- these are artificial sub-terranean grid templating that interface with the Flower of Life architecture, an version of the metatronic implant that controls collective group thinks for mass collective mind manipulation and control.

A top priority clearing is the inverted Masonic Pentagram that runs on the ground location in D.C. and 5-point locations and then runs into a more extensive system into New York, Hollywood, and Bohemian Grove and keeps satanic ritual abuse density locked in the grid fields.

We need to Clear archon deception- dark energy used to impact and influence conditions changing our willy wonka at the intention of its origination tarnishing the constitution and the power it holds. This can release more profound levels of the dark money monetary system of enslavement. The Rich global elitist 2000 club ~ out of 7.8 billion, only 2000 own all of the wealth in the world. We will clear collapse and dissolve economic suffering and economic refugees, homelessness, and harvesting of our indigo souls who could not overcome the financial /knowledge/Baphomet seal.

We have been seeing a Black Hole Running at the Capitol- I think this portal links into the 8th Sphere in Orion, running direct transmission of the Orion war. This has also appeared as a degraded war Arcing portal to Rome through the capital building.

We need to Clear the suction cup vortex of D.C. that interlays the black wormhole overlay system that ties into several hijacked or degraded locations, such as the Statue of Liberty, and clear the ley line running that is density-locking deep lunar feminine pain bodies up underneath the coastal shores of where the statue stands. And reactivate the virtue of Liberty and the actual flame of freedom that is not the false light of the Roman global trinity that runs into a Palatine Hill in Rome and funnels the power from oppression into the Liberty and Juno temples. That ties into an extensive seal system in France. I was shown the authentic relics of the goddess of Liberty have to be reactivated! The Vindicta Rod, the White Cap, the White Robe, Repair her Scepter! Speaking to the power of choice. The actual freedom flame -enlightening the world!

Last but not least, cloning has to be addressed! This has become a recent new popular boom that the swamp rats in D.C. in which have allowed; a company called Clonaid has been cloning in the U.S. for the last 10 years. Humans are made to order. Genetically cloning human embryos. The first clone was born. They called her Eve. This is all a part of the shadow of willy wanka. Hollywood is their cloning playground.

We still have a couple spots open if you feel compelled to join this mission! Donations are also being accepted as-well if you cannot make it and feel you can assist us financially and believe in our voice and presence in D.C. We appreciate you all so much and your love and prayers. We cannot wait to share our journey with you. Cosmic Blessings, Indie

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