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GODDESS TIN HINAN Matriarchal Strength A Force Refined A Tuareg Legend By IndigoAngel

Embarking on a captivating artistic journey dedicated to the elusive legend, Goddess Tin Hinan of the Sahara and the Ancient Berber/Tuareg tribes, our endeavor is to illuminate the hidden secrets and treasures embedded within her story. In this artistic pursuit, we are committed to unraveling the truths and uncovering the origins of matriarchy, shedding light on the enigmatic narrative that has remained largely unknown. Join us as we delve deep into the realms of Tin Hinan's legacy, weaving together the threads of history and myth to present a narrative that transcends time and brings forth the richness of a forgotten tale.


Your support means the world to me, and I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has generously donated to this cause and been a steadfast pillar of support throughout this incredible journey and year. Your contributions have fueled our passion, and we genuinely hope you derive joy from the fruits of our collective efforts. To each and every one of you, my sincere thanks and love.

Whispers of Tin Hinan: A Desert Queen's Legacy

In the heart of the Sahara's golden embrace,

A queen emerged with regal grace.

Tinhinan, the sovereign of the sands,

Ruled with strength over desert lands.


Beneath the vast, diamond sky,

Where whispers of the Tuareg fly,

Tinhinan's spirit soared on the breeze,

A monarch matriarch of the ancient, timeless seas.


Her mound, a beacon in the night,

In the Hoggar's shadows, shining bright.

A queen whose wisdom spanned the dunes,

Guiding her people beneath the moons.


Tifinagh etched upon the sand,

The language of her desert land.

A script that told of tales untold,

Of Tinhinan's legacy, bold and old.


In the dance of stars and from water to sands,

She shaped the fate with sovereign hands.

A tapestry woven with nomadic thread,

A queen whose spirit never fled.


Her name a hymn, a whispered song,

Amongst the dunes, where she belonged.

Tinhinan, queen of regal might,

Guardian of the desert's silent night.


In the vast expanse where mirages play,

Tinhinan's legend lives today.

A queen who ruled with grace untold,

In the heart of the Tuareg's ancient fold.

In the realm of matriarchy, a societal and governing structure where women assume dominant leadership roles, we invite you to enter the enchanting kingdom of Jinns. Picture a place where the union of earth and sand unfolds through smokeless fire and intangible light, where waves of light from the ground reach the celestial ceiling of paradise.


Amidst the vast expanse, 500 light years from the seventh sky, dwells the Beyond, the eternal, alive and awakened within the embrace of silky hills and satin camel tan glass. A whispering shadow world, a sanctuary above Hellfire guarding the seven earths, once shared with humans but now a Jinn Lore of Antiquity—a secret sacred legend unveiled only to those with the discerning eyes to see.


And now, the time has come.


Let us recount the tale of a woman who held the esteemed matriarchal Amazighl status in North Africa, predating the kingdom of Mauritania and following the cataclysm of Atlantis. In the aftermath of the Fall of man, post the deluge, when the imperative was to rebuild civilization, a woman was summoned


—a woman known as the mother of us all.


This woman, adorned with the mantle of the highest Amazighl nobility, was a true force of nature. With an iron fist veiled in a velvet glove, she crafted societal classes and led the world's largest nomadic pastoral community. A noblewoman embodying the dragon crone mother-daughter legacy, she hailed from the Venusian royal bloodline of the Berber's, a Taureg queen—free, empowered, and forever etched in history.


Thanks to her legacy, North African communities, from Morocco to Algeria, to Libya, including the Berber, Tuareg, and Fula People of the Sahara, uphold the highest cultural value for women. Decisions emanating from women are revered, echoing the resurgence of the matriarchy—the purest breath of humanity and the prize of queens. The heart of the mother, a transformative force that dissolves the remnants of the old patriarchy.


From the jewel of the Sahara to the heart of the home, Tin Hinan, bearing the matriarchal torch to the vacant throne, stands as a testament to the enduring power of the feminine.


Subhanallah, glory to the divine force that sustains all creation.


Tin-Hinan, the Sweet Sand Woman, with her regal posture atop the Rocky Hill in Abalessa, sparks the first love of womankind. She is the flame of compassion, the embers of the first memory, and the ash of the first and last breath. The chalice of a new civilization, the baton of humanity's transcendence.


As a sacred priestess of oaths, Tin-Hinan embodies the blazing heart chakra of the Sahara, radiating restoration, unconditional love, belonging, and soul acceptance. Her nurturing love fosters connections, offering a gentle warmth that soothes and heals. She senses the pain in your heart and provides solace, holding space for the shedding of your old self.


In her grace and strength, Tin-Hinan grants your deepest wishes and achievements, nurturing the goodness within you. A mother who sacrifices for you and sustains all life with her heart alone, guiding the earth with the essence of Venus. Tin-Hinan, the mother of us all, weaving a tapestry of love and transcendence that transcends time and space.

Having immersed myself in the rich tapestry of North Africa for the past month, delving into the profound impact of Matriarchy throughout the Mediterranean region, I am now infused with the indomitable spirit of the Amazighl Free-Woman. My mission is to channel the activating codes of the Amazonian Warrioress, empowering individuals to embrace their inner strength and resilience. Join me on this transformative journey as we unlock the secrets of ancient feminine empowerment in the modern world.


I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join me in the transformative journey of the 'Goddess Spirit Warrioress Bootcamp.' I'm excited at the prospect of having you with us, as we embark on a profound exploration of the divine feminine and embrace the empowering energy that lies within.


In this course, I am dedicated to being your guide, mentor, and the best instructor, fostering an environment where you can tap into your inner strength and embody the essence of a true warrioress. Together, we will unravel the layers of the divine feminine, empowering you on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.


I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you on this empowering venture, as you harness your goddess spirit and embrace the warrioress within. Let's make this journey one of profound transformation and empowerment. I look forward to welcoming you to the Goddess Spirit Warrioress Bootcamp!

Legacy of Matriarchs: Echoes Across Time

In ancient tales where shadows trace,

Matriarchs led with wisdom and grace.

Through epochs past, their power sung,

A timeless thread in histories spun.


In the dance of time, a shift occurs,

Modern echoes, ancient murmurs.

Matriarchal strength, a force refined,

In recent realms, their spirits bind.


Gone are the days of silent sway,

Women lead in the light of day.

From boardrooms grand to fields untamed,

Matriarchs rise, their power proclaimed.


Not by force, but gentle might,

They cultivate change, dispel the night.

Leadership painted in hues so bright,

Guiding nations with resplendent light.


In meetings vast, and parliaments fair,

The matriarchal touch is in the air.

A symphony of voices, harmonized,

Empowered women, rising, recognized.


No longer relegated to the sidelines,

Matriarchs in their essence shine.

Their leadership, a beacon strong,

Breaking barriers, righting wrongs.


In recent times, a paradigm unfolds,

As stories of strength and grace are told.

Matriarchal might, a force untamed,

In every heartbeat, in every name.


A legacy etched in history's scroll,

Of women leading, heart and soul.

In ancient echoes and modern chimes,

Matriarchs rise, through all of time.

Goddess Energy Unveiling Session~

Lemurian Regression Implants & Tags Removal

Are you grappling with challenges and setbacks in your maternal journey, feeling the weight of energetic chains that impede your nurturing abilities?


Our exclusive Goddess Energy Unveiling Session is designed to address and release the intricate web of implants and tags that obstruct the divine feminine energy within you. Within this specialized session, we focus on dismantling Moon Chains, Breeder Harness, 12 Stars of Mary's Crown, Fleur de Lys Clamp, Sion Cord, Motherhood Hooks in the 9th and 10th Dimension, Gag Orders affecting the throat chakra, Locator Breeder Tags, Empath/Narcism Tags, False Twin Flag Tags, Sexual Misery Tags, Gender Confusion Tags, Rape and Molestation Tags, Birth Control Implants (clips, cervix, arm), as well as other Female Implants, Cauterization, and Womb/Breast Removal Trauma Ulcers, and Abortion Scrapping and Trauma Ulcers.


My goal in this session work is to unplug these implants and tags, allowing the pure essence of goddess energy to flow freely through your body, promoting deep healing. Drawing inspiration from the golden light temples of Lemuria, we guide you through regression for healing, accessing these sacred spaces to address the implants and tags. While it may take multiple sessions to explore all the temples, rest assured, each session is tailored for the highest good of your removal process.


Transport yourself to the Lemurian timeline, the core of the divine feminine inception, and let us embark together on a journey to remove and clear the energetic obstacles that hinder your true goddess potential. Embrace the empowerment and healing that await you in our Goddess Energy Unveiling Session.

📣 Unveiling the Mysteries: A Legendary Book that Illuminates Lost Chapters of Human History and Atlantis! 🌟


Prepare to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey as we announce the forthcoming release of a legendary book that promises to rewrite the very fabric of human history. In our relentless pursuit of truth, we've delved into the enigmatic depths of the great Tin Hinan mystery, a monumental legacy largely unexplored in the Western world.


The revelation is staggering – scarce literature exists about this divine goddess, leaving an unfathomable void in our understanding of a timeless mission that has the potential to reshape our perceptions of the past. It's more than a quest; it's a sacred duty to piece together the fragments of Tin Hinan's story, a narrative so potent it promises to unveil missing chapters of human history and provide unprecedented insights into the legendary city of Atlantis.


We proudly declare our commitment to publishing this extraordinary tale that transcends time and space. But we can't do it alone. We call upon you, our cherished community, to be part of this historic endeavor. Your support and donations are not just welcome; they are integral to unraveling the secrets of Tin Hinan and illuminating the lost chapters of Atlantis.


This isn't just a book launch; it's a seismic event that will reverberate through the corridors of history. Join us as we unveil the missing pieces of the human story, and together, let's rewrite history with the legendary revelations of Tin Hinan and the enigmatic legacy of Atlantis. Your contribution is not just appreciated; it's a crucial step in rediscovering the ancient threads that connect us to our extraordinary past. Are you ready to be part of history? Join us on this legendary journey! 🌍📖✨

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