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Saturn Retrograde and the Fourth of July: A Cosmic Awakening! The Ancient Dove Grid in the North Americas!

Dates to Remember: June 29th to November 15th, 2nd and 4th of July!

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, there's another significant event in the cosmos—Saturn has turned retrograde from June 29th to November 15th! This period offers a unique opportunity for cosmic realignment and karmic clearing, bringing forth massive global stargate activations.

Orion Stargate Activations

Several Orion Stargate systems are activating worldwide:

Xian, China: Dragon Lines

Abadan, Iran: Odedicron Reptilian Orion Stargate, Anunnaki Sumerian 10th dimension, Over Soul of Collective, Stuck Energies

Gulf of Aden: Underwater Black Water Stargates

Saudi Arabia: Saturn/Black Cube

Sarasota Florida, 2nd Dimension, Serpent Lines

Bermuda Triangle, Atlantean Karma Clearing

 United States Clearing and New Earth Activation

12 Solar Sun Discs in the North Americas

5 Golden Light Cities

The Dove Grid Activation, Peace Liberation and Freedom Codes!

These activations are facilitating a profound rebirth for collective humanity, helping us let go of karma and everything that no longer resonates.

The 2024 Saturn Retrograde

Saturn's retrograde phase is a crucial time for reviewing and resolving past lessons. Expect old relationships and unresolved issues to resurface, offering a chance to address, heal, and clear out emotional baggage. Saturn ensures everyone receives what they deserve based on their actions, so this is a period of karmic justice.

What to Expect

Confrontation and Discipline: You'll be challenged to restore solid structures and clear boundaries in relationships. Accountability and responsibility are key—Saturn rewards those who stay disciplined.

Healing and Letting Go: This is an ideal time to tackle deep-rooted fears and eliminate unhealthy habits, addictions, and attachments. Reflect on goals, as the next five months will bring clarity and help integrate them into your long-term vision.

Patience and Practicality: Saturn, the planet of Time, may cause delays, urging us to slow down and adopt a more patient and practical approach.

Self-Care: While working hard and staying disciplined, it's equally important to be gentle and less critical with yourself during challenging times.

Use this powerful retrograde period to realign with your true self, clear karmic debts, and set the foundation for a brighter future. Embrace the cosmic energy and let it guide you to a new level of awareness and growth.

Join me LIVE, engage in the chat, and be part of this transformative Cosmic Grid Update on the United States Grids! Don't miss this opportunity to connect and align with the cosmic forces at play. See you on July 2nd at 11 AM CDT!

Join Me on the Fourth of July for Gridwork

Date: July 4, 2024Time: 11 AM CDT

Please join our team for a powerful gridwork mission as we harness the cosmic energies of the Fourth of July. Together, we'll work to realign and strengthen our collective grid, creating a more harmonious and balanced future. Activating the Dove Grid, the 12 Solar Discs in the North Americas, and the 5 Golden Light Cities!


After Hours Live Round Table

Date: July 2, 2024Time: 2 PM CST

Set Your Reminder!

Join me on YouTube for an engaging after-hours live round table discussion. We'll delve into the gridwork insights, share experiences, and connect on the occult and Esoteric topics of US History! Like the British Taxation History and how that came to the US!

The Ancient Dove Grid:

A Journey Through Time and Transformation


The ancient land of the Dove Grid was originally held in Australia before the hijacking. You can find references to two of the original Dove Grids in J.J. Hurtak's "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch." This system, under the YHWH father principle, attempted to hijack the Dove. However, let me be clear—the Dove does not belong to any human principle. It is an organic celestial light matrix free of ownership.


The hijacking of the Dove can be seen in the USA, where it is held under the J-Seal pylon networks and artificial time warps along the North Horizontal 30° Ley Line (see pg. 315 of Hurtak's book). Originally, the Dove was energetically encoded to the motherlands of MU, through the Hydra and Swan (Cygnusian) templates. These templates predate any hijacking, with Cygnus holding the oldest Indigo records on Earth, dating back to the Indigo Neanderthal. The Dove existed even before this time and manifests as its smaller counterpart, the Swan. Examples of this can be found in James Churchward’s book, "The Symbols of MU."


The Dove, to me, is held here because America is a great focus of light for the Earth. We are the torchbearers, the people who hold the light for the rest of the world. America will be one of the first to experience the changes of the New Earth Shifts, showing the rest of the world how to overcome darkness. The Dove represents hope, freedom, prosperity, and liberation, moving from one age and shifting into the next. America was already this beacon during the search for new land in times past, guiding people away from the old world. We will become this again on a bigger global stage of light!


Lemuria holds a special place in our hearts because of the Dove and the freedom and peace codes it carries. The hijacking of the Dove during Lemuria's time was a major factor in the takeover by the dark brotherhoods. This dark period coincided with nuclear warfare in Australia, which destroyed Uluru’s rock. This was not a natural occurrence. Uluru's rock, originally a grandmother tree, carried all the crystal seed templating for the perfected 24-chromosome Pleiadian human and still holds this in its deeper root networks underground.


During this tumultuous time, there were many zones of destruction and migrations in ancient Lemuria. The original dark brotherhood takeovers led to hybridization traumas, forced breeding, sterilization, and the tearing apart of 5th-dimensional souls. Twin flames were split, the 144,000 were displaced, and the matriarchal tribal natives—the descendants of MU—faced horrific atrocities. The serpent cults were demonized, leading to widespread suffering.


Who were the perpetrators of these acts? The Nephilim, Anu-Draco, Leviathan hybrids, and the squids and Cthulhu cults. This era saw numerous hybridization programs, forced breeder programs, abductions, body thefts, cloning, and the torture of hybrid children. These actions left deep scars in the etheric templates of the Divine Mother, distorting the 9th-dimensional monadic structure of our shared Earth experience. When the Dove Grid fell, so did Sophia, leading to the birth of Yaldabaoth. A great spiritual war ensued, hijacking the identities of the Seraphim. This grand deception aimed to eradicate peace on Earth by completely hijacking the Dove and ultimately, the Christ Consciousness.


The Dove Grid was also hijacked by the Galactic Federation, which they don’t want you to know. They hold the control because they have incepted the crucifixion wounds and continue to push the AI agenda through propaganda like "med beds." They fail to mention the biometric scanning embedded in this technology, manipulating the integrity of the Dove with mind games and lack of transparency.


The artificial time warp placed on Earth’s 3rd and 4th-dimensional fields is another sign of this manipulation. People forget that the Galactic Web was meant for peaceful coexistence. Human hybrid traumas have twisted its meaning, incepting human dramas into cosmic history. For instance, Orion is fallen in the 3D and 4D artificial time warps, but in natural galactic synchronization, Orion assists with opening Earth’s chambers to shift Dove consciousness to the Americas for a Dove Grid awakening. Hence this powerful Orion Stargate Awakening at this time, aligned with a Saturn Retrograde!


The purpose of this gridwork mission on the Fourth of July is to liberate the Dove Grid from the Americas, releasing the hijacking and allowing peace and freedom codes to expand across the globe when they are so desperately needed. The Dove has also been hijacked by Metatronic Systems, aka the Metaverse. The AI Networks/Vortexes, the fallen Dragon Grid running the AI singularity headquarters, the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Alliance, and Ashtar Command—all contribute to this manipulation.


It's time to reclaim the Dove Grid, restore peace, and spread freedom codes across the Earth. Let us unite in this mission to heal and liberate our planet. Links above to Register for the Mission!

New Earth Emerging from the 12 Satellite Sun Discs in North America


Behold the emergence of the New Earth from the 12 satellite Sun Discs in North America! Below, you'll see 12 charted yellow Sun Discs in specific North American locations, all fed from the primary disc at Mount Pinnacle, Arkansas:


  • Mount Pinnacle

  • Hawaii

  • Denali, Alaska

  • Lake O’Hara, BC, Canada

  • Mt. Shasta

  • Needle Rock, Colorado

  • Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

  • Monte Alban, Mexico

  • Offshore, Gulf of Mexico near Galveston (Texas Trio Pyramid Complex)

  • Bimini

  • Asheville, NC

  • Herkimer, NY

  • Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada


These locations were channeled by James Tyberonn and provided through Missy Hill. Missy will join me live on the 4th of July at 2 PM CDT after the US Grid Clearing gridwork session. We'll be joined by a few other beautiful sisters if they can make it! Be sure to set your reminders for this live roundtable show on the 4th!


For gridworkers, join us on the morning of the 4th of July for the clearing remote mission on the United States grids! I will be hosting this gridwork live from Houston, Texas, anchored just below the 33rd parallel, around the 30th/29th parallel. This is significant because of the Orion Stargate Activations that are occurring globally!


Houston, Texas, is the sister city to Basra, Iraq. Sister cities share the same horizontal ley line, which is significant because Basra is the economic capital of Iraq and prioritizes monetary values of oil& Gas wealth. It is located next to Stargate 10 in Abadan Iran, ruled by the futile Odedicron, reptilian Orions. From my anchor point in Houston, we will clear this sister city, bringing a global clearing to Stargate 10, the most collective weighted higher chakra on Earth, bearing the grief of ancestral degradation in the familiar bloodlines of the reptilian Orion Anunnaki kinds and creeds. The 10th stargate is the oversoul of the planet, releasing black goo, saturnian karma affecting the United States!


Location of Golden Cities to Emerge in the United States


Golden cities, each with specific spiritual attributes, will emerge in the United States. These attributes will form the soul-heart identity of the new Earth race lineage that resides there. Teachers in the cathedrals of learning within each golden light city will impart these attributes. Those seeking to embody a particular spiritual attribute will travel to the corresponding golden light city to retrieve them.

According to Lori Adaile Toye’s work from, five prophesied golden light cities will emerge in the United States:


  • Montana

  • Colorado

  • Arizona

  • Illinois

  • Georgia


The Americas play a pivotal role in shaping, building, repairing, and activating the New Earth processes. This significant contribution is something to be celebrated as we reform, refine, and shift our consciousness away from the old world systems. Together, we are moving towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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