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Masculine Template Implant & Tag Removal

Lemurian Regression, Golden Temple Healing, (Core World Wounding)

  • 2 hours
  • 333 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

This is a 2 hour Lemurian Regression Session, (Regression for identifying previous stages of development and source of the pain body with Implant and Tag Identification.) Golden Temple Healing, Core World Wounding for the Divine Masculine Template. This Session Includes: Personal Sacral Evaluation Deep Sacral Chakra Opening and Clearing Lemurian Regression Therapy Removal of Implants and Tags (you may not carry all of these) Dawn of Time Emotional Seal~ Estrogen Implants ~ False King of Tyranny Implant~ Medusa's Gaze Implant ~ Masculine body carries all dark and distorted aspects of sexuality. (Major Focus on restoring fragmentation in the sacral.) Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction~ Hedonistic/Belial Implants~ Porn Implants~ Sexual Misery Implants~ Rape Tags & Implants ~ Empath & Narcissist Tag~ Gender Confusion Tags~ False Twin Flag Tag~ The Circumcision/Black Magic SRA/Blood Ritual/Blood Covenant/Core Wound~ This session is $333.00 *No Refunds on Sessions, one reschedule allowed. **Prices are subject to change.

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  • United States

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