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Atlantis and the Sirian Stargate, (Richat Structure) Decoy Atlantis

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Here is what is going down in the Grids


Cosmic Grid Update:

The Richat Structure in Mauritania has been brought to my attention as the location of Atlantis. A lot of people have been asking me about it, so it was time to dive in and to be honest, I do feel that it is the true location of Atlantis. I am going to point out the reasons why I feel this to be true.

The Richat structure really is the best explanation in comparison to all other considered locations that best match Plato's explanation of it. Plato is the one who published the story of Atlantis that was handed down to him through 6 generations of his ancestors from the ancient Egyptians. The Eye of Sahara or Richat Structure, also, I do feel is also energetically encoded to the Sirian stargate, due to celestial encoded locations of planetary gate functions. West Africa particularly having more Sirian-based mythology being that the dogons in Mali also spoke of the Sirian systems. Keeping this Sirian frequency highly encoded to west Africa. This only makes sense right because the entire vertical central pillar of the earth is really running that Sirian encoding from Antarctica. The south pole, due to the Lion's Gate alignments (active: 8/8-8/11), but also simply because this is universal functions. I did put a video out about a lot of this called the Sirian Stargate Grid Update: Occult Stargate Sites and I go over the specific leylines and stargates according to the Sirian gate where I cover other aspects that may fill in gaps on today's update. See Below

Sirian Stargate Grid Update: Occult Stargate Sites (Scribble Maps)

The Sirian Stargate Vortex grid host, the Syrian pentagram located in 5 mother goddess locations has been receiving infusions of stellar particles in dormant...

Sirian Stargate Grid Activations Sirian Starseed 7 J-SEALS

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The Sirian Stargate, as of now does seem to be under a tumultuous replay of old and lost world genetic turmoil that plays into the extensive complexity of the Anunnaki and bleeds into the earth’s timelines. Which may still be active until through Lion's Gate to 8/11, when the Golden Gate is opened up to the Lion's Gate. The Golden Gate is a physical location at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that leads to the physical location of the Lion's gate.

So this is where cosmic history comes into play. A lot of the conflicts that ultimately led to planetary destruction under the Atlantean timeline, like the Atlantean Holocaust and Sirian rebellion, Luciferian rebellion where between protagonist and antagonists within the governing Sirian high council come from the Sirian Anunnaki, Annunaki Elohim, and Jehovian Anunnaki lines.

It was through Sirian advanced technology that planetary orbits with Nibiru were altered. DNA strands 2,4,5,6,7, and strand 10 were altered and J-Seal’s were implanted into the earth’s grids.

So this cosmology ultimately deeply intertwines with particular planetary gate sites that are running Sirian encoding. I want to say the Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabia, as they carry the eaglian Anunnaki signatures, the temple mounts in Jerusalem as they carry Anunnaki Elohim and Jehovian Anunnaki, and eye of the Sahara as Sirian Anunnaki- the Poseidon king lines. If this is the true location of Atlantis. The Bermuda and the 70 degrees west vertical leyline are part of this too but they are like decoys, which i'll explain.

So I want to say if your Sirian gateway experience this year has been tougher this year vs any other year this is why because Sirius has been hijacked since the fall of Atlantis, and the fallen aspects of this system are exposing themselves to be healed, cleared, and acknowledged to transcend them. Like the tail end of the dark forces/horses from the Atlantean timeline are kicking and screaming as they throw out their last efforts to hang their hooks into the trauma and painful bodies of the earth.

Some may feel this intel is false light intel, but I am just asking you to simply look at all aspects of the celestial coin. All milky way celestial signatures hold light and dark aspects on earth due to the fact the universal structure is barred, the consciousness of this comic matrix is dual, and the apex point in the earth’s central pillar is polar.

Polaris, Ursa major, the south pole all-polarized systems, all of these running everything from the ultra-light spectrum to the frozen light spectrum.

And let me tell you everything is already light, shadow is frozen light in the anti-particle fields.

The Sirian system leads us to the planetary gate systems that are gateways to the lost worlds, this is what makes this system diverse and highly complex and within the lost worlds are the lost beings, entities, and wisdom that we have forgotten. Through and u