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Unlock the Power of Gridwork Facilitator 2.0

April 17th, 2024- April 20th 2024 Class Times 10/11 AM/CDT & 2PM/CDT

Are you prepared to delve deeper into the cosmic earthly realms, land codes, and stargate vortices and become a master of gridwork facilitation? Join us for an intensive exploration into the advanced techniques and profound strategies of Gridwork Facilitator 2.0. Our four-day course, running from April 17th to April 20th, 2024, offers a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of gridwork facilitation, ensuring you emerge equipped with the expertise to initiate significant planetary shifts.

A gridworker, also known as a gridkeeper, gatekeeper, or grid-reader, embodies a heightened level of spiritual evolution, attaining a planetary logos or avatar level of consciousness within their original bio-spiritual instruction set. This involves identifying with the internal spiritual structures of the Earth's body, self-actualizing the spiritual anatomy, and navigating the intricate spiritual mechanics within.

As a gridworker, attuning to the grid involves delving deeply into the advanced Earth anatomy, identifying and understanding the intricate network of stargates, vortices, ley-lines, Earth chakras, and other vital components. This journey goes beyond mere awareness; it entails unlocking the profound wisdom encoded within Earth's energetic matrix. It's about tapping into the planetary language, vision, and global knowledge embedded within the Earth's inner 5D matrix, which serves as the blueprint for humanity's bio-spiritual evolution. Furthermore, it involves accessing key access points such as the Halls of Amenti, the Earth's cosmic hall of records, and the superconsciousness field, which hold the sacred information necessary for navigating and shaping our collective destiny.

Gridworkers may have been fulfilling their roles throughout their entire lives, perhaps through careers involving extensive travel or familial backgrounds involving military or business travels. However, for most, the activation of gridworker templating occurs through the evolution of their indigo type, a process that evolves as they progress through their ascension journeys.

Indigo types, ranging from 1 to 4, each carry specific missions and contracts within the gridworker spectrum:

Indigo Type 1 individuals embody the quintessential role of an advanced gridworker, serving as the primary template for gridwork endeavors. They fulfill a multifaceted role as a grid keeper, grid reader, gatekeeper, grail keeper, and spiritual land worker. Immersed in their mission, they intricately engage with ley lines, sacred sites, vortexes, and stargate locations on Earth, diligently working to rebalance bio-spiritual energies and restore planetary grids to their optimal pure organic state. Guided by intuitive insights and visionary guidance, Indigo Type 1 gridworkers adeptly plan missions for themselves and others. With an innate understanding of the energy mechanics of the Earth, they possess a keen intuition that enables them to discern the most suitable drop-in zones, target sites, and extraction zones for their gridwork endeavors. Their unwavering commitment to their mission and their deep connection to the Earth's energetic grid make them invaluable custodians of planetary harmony and transformation.

Indigo Type 2 individuals serve as healers, shamans, spiritual metaphysicians, or medicine men/women, specializing in the rehabilitation of DNA strands and the activation of the human light body. Their primary focus lies in facilitating personal healing processes, both for individuals and for the collective. Working in teams, they play a pivotal role in healing the land and restoring its vitality. An Indigo Type 2 can be likened to a medic on the field, where their acute sensitivity to the needs of their team members becomes a top priority. They possess a profound understanding of energetic dynamics and spiritual principles, allowing them to offer targeted support and guidance to those in need. Through their compassionate and nurturing presence, they help facilitate profound transformations and assist in the awakening of higher states of consciousness.

Indigo Type 3 individuals embody a crucial role as bridges between light and dark realms, adept at transmuting polarity and duality both within themselves and within the collective consciousness. Their mission involves restoring degraded genetics and soul lines, which often leads to a natural progression towards Indigo Type 1 missions as they evolve. These Earth-based extractors possess the unique ability to draw negative consciousness out of the land, ley lines, and stargates, utilizing advanced gridwork technology to transmute it into higher frequencies, thus contributing to the ongoing process of planetary healing and transformation.

Indigo Type 4 individuals epitomize the pinnacle of Indigo evolution, embodying an advanced version of Types 1, 2, and 3. With their double diamond sun light bodies, they possess heightened abilities to navigate Earth timelines, understand planetary grid anatomy, and traverse cosmic realms. These individuals often demonstrate extraordinary psychic capabilities during gridwork facilitation, enabling them to guide groups through time portals, hold visionary or prophetic templates, and direct the collective flow for Earth healing purposes. Their profound understanding of energetic dynamics empowers them to facilitate transformative experiences and catalyze profound shifts in collective consciousness.

As a gridworker, one becomes finely tuned to the rhythms of nature, the resonance of sacred sites, the pathways of ley lines, and the pulsations of energy vortexes. This heightened attunement grants access to quantum consciousness and the profound wisdom of planetary logos consciousness. Guided by inner knowing, gridworkers are drawn to sacred locations where they undergo activations and experiences of profound personal growth.

Yet, this journey is not without its challenges. Gridworkers may encounter psychic attacks or interference, reflecting the significance of their role in catalyzing positive transformations within Earth's body and collective consciousness. Thus, it becomes imperative to be well-prepared and equipped to navigate various situations and scenarios, whether guiding group missions remotely or on-site.

This course is meticulously crafted to furnish you with the comprehensive skill set essential for assuming the role of a facilitator in gridwork. By undergoing this training, you embark on a transformative spiritual odyssey—a journey of service, evolution, and alignment with the divine blueprint for humanity's ascension.

In these tumultuous times of planetary ascension, the need for facilitators to restore Earth's spirit body has never been more pressing. As gridworkers, we are here to serve humanity, contributing our energy and expertise to the collective upliftment and harmonization of our planet. Join us in this noble endeavor!

Dear Gridworkers,

As we dive into the next phase of gridworker technology during Earth month/April, it couldn't be a more opportune time. The success of our first course was truly divine, with students eagerly asking, "When is the next gridwork facilitator course?" Well, family, the time has come! And with that, I am excited to share my personal journey and the realizations that have shaped my path as a gridworker with a indigo type 1/4 templating – a planetary grid reader.

My story is much like yours – I felt the call, and I answered it.

My journey began with a profound awakening to starseed consciousness, an awakening that led me to spend years attuning to the intelligence fields of star systems, embodying their energies, and activating them within my own consciousness. This journey culminated in the writing of my book, "How to Read Your Celestial Akashic Starseed Origins," a methodology book that delves into the starseed akashic records, stargate systems, and galactic history.

Rooted in the Hydra stargate systems, my cosmic heritage defines my mission here on Earth, where I have served as an ambassador for the serpent seraphim progenitor angelic races, guardians, and cosmic energies deeply intertwined with our planet. This understanding of guardian consciousness has propelled me to shine a light on inorganic architecture, expose nefarious agendas, and work towards Earth's liberation.

Through my embodiment as a galactic mind, I began to see the world through quantum cognition, understanding energy mechanics both within myself and within the Earth's body. This led me to explore internal stargates and activate an internal planetary architectural mapping system, which I then applied to Earth's grids using various mapping techniques externally. Combining my internal/external references for planetary navigation and also my strong seer abilities, I quickly activated to a high level planetary grid reader.

My journey has evolved into facilitating group remote gridwork sessions, where we focus on manifesting new Earth potentials, restoring reversal gate systems, and anchoring organic architecture and timelines. As a facilitator, I guide participants through preparation, planning, and execution, utilizing healing modalities, transmissions, and guardian keys to navigate our journey together.

In our forthcoming course running from April 17th to April 20th, 2024, we will delve deeper into the nuances of gridwork facilitation. I will answer any personal questions about my journey that you may have and seek to define my wisdom entirely through my direct experiences, giving you the expert eye in which can accelerate your gridwork reading and remoting abilities.

Together, we'll explore various preparation techniques, mastering the art of hosting containers, and skillfully navigating group sessions. Join me as we unlock the boundless potential of our creative, intuitive, and seer abilities, embarking on a transformative journey of cosmic gridwork awakening. Together, we'll work towards bridging unity into the very fabric of the Earth's organic matrices, endeavoring to restore the original blueprints of planetary existence for the betterment of humankind.

Welcome to an expert-level container led by course teacher Amanda Jane DeMarco, also known as IndigoAngel. With years of high-level facilitation experience under her belt, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

This course will cover everything from the ground basics to advanced topics, including an introduction to gridwork, understanding gridwork anatomy, delving into stargate mechanics, exploring gridwork etiquette, and learning how to effectively guide and lead gridwork sessions. Additionally, participants will gain insights into gridwork ethics and navigating various healing modalities within the container.

The coursework will be delivered through 8 live classes spread over 4 days, featuring active interaction, live running chats, and a webinar format. Participants will also have access to instant downloads and replays of each session with a certificate to facilitate gridwork after completion. You have the flexibility to pay as you go and attend each month individually, or you can opt to purchase the entire course upfront to secure your spot.

Gridwork Facilitator 2.0 Class Modules- What you will be learning~

April 17, 2024 ~ April 20, 2024

Chapter 1: Unlocking Collaboration: Introduction to Gridwork Facilitation and the Role of Facilitator 2.0

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 11AM/CDT Gridwork Facilitator 2.0: Introductory Class on Fundamentals, Lexicon Expansion, and Protocol Mastery

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 2PM/CDT Mastering Gridwork Facilitation: Tools, Preparation, and Selecting Prime Missions for Remote and On-Location Sessions

Chapter 2: Navigating Gridwork Ethics and Challenges in Gridwork Facilitator 2.0

Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 11AM/CDT Gridwork Ethics: Addressing Malpractice and Community Infiltration

Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 2PM/CDT Mastering Reversal Stargates: Navigating the Most Challenging Grid Sites and Locations on Earth

Chapter 3: Advanced Gridwork Practices and Strategies for Gridwork Facilitator 2.0

Friday, April 19th, 2024 at 11AM/CDT Starforts in Galactic Gridwork: Harmonizing Planetary Energies and Architectural Defense Strategies

Friday, April 19, 2024 at 2PM/CDT Understanding Planetary Weapons Systems: Essential Insights for Global Readers and Conductors of Planetary Energy and Direction

Chapter 4: Gridwork Facilitator 2.0 Final Ceremony and Live Q&A Session

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 10AM/CDT Sacred Planetary Defense Systems: Unveiling Ancient Wisdom for Organic Power Generation, Earthly Spiritual Transformation, and Accessing Inner Earth Gates

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 2PM/CDT Gridwork Facilitator 2.0 Remote Group Mission: Preparing for Kuai, Hawaii Inner Earth Gate Access, Pole Correction, and Extracting the Inner Earth Saturn Cube Remote Access

Unlimited Lifetime Access to Downloads/Replays!

Gridwork Facilitator Certificates for Graduates!

Continued Gridwork Facilitation Support for future missions!

Live Class Interaction, Class Chats, Homework Assignments, and Real Engaging Learning Activities/Downloads

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