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Goddess Warrior Training Psychic Defense & Protection Course

(2-DAY LIVE CLASS) February 1st and 2nd, 2024!


12PM/CST and 3PM/CST Training/Each Day


Divine Feminine Empowerment Course!

Hello Divine Goddesses,  


It’s that time of year when we must stand firm in our spiritual strength as a divine feminine collective; the descension cycles are active in the timelines, bifurcation/polarization has separated many worlds (realms, dimensions, and timelines). 


The attacks, invasions, intruder energy, imposter spirits, vampiric, reptilian, draconic, demonic spirits, soul possessions, shadow creatures, parasites and harmful attachments are a normal everyday occurrence. We walk amongst the dead, soul-less, sleeping, hijacked, unconscious, hijacked, siphoned, and harvested daily just upon running to the supermarket.  

Many beings have also chosen to exit this earthly realm due to the immensity of the challenges and struggles this year has come with. The weight of the density for some has become too much to bear, and several families have dealt with suicide and those who are at the end of their lifetime and are exiting due to illness, sickness, or disease. Harder cycles planetarily speaking means more exits collectively. 


For some, the desire to leave the old world energy systems, corporate realms, artificial matrices, and the narcissistic war-minded collective is an extra heightened realization as we seek more ways in which we can protect ourselves from being struck negatively spiritually, energetically, or emotionally with detrimental energy resisting our highest quality of life. 


We often feel like we need to do something other/or more than what we normally do to protect and shield ourselves from the negative energy. We are still determining if what we currently do for protection and shielding is actually helping. But then, we still get hit by low vibrational forces, or things have to play out their course before we actually see energy shifts, releases of density, or newfound freedom from an attack to finally shift. When living in a lower dimensional awareness experience of reality, it can sometimes become challenging to keep your head above water, feeling like you are drowning in an inability to overcome the dark forces, with negative timelines just rolling into the next.


You may be thinking and feeling that you have been doing the work, you have been spiritually healing, you are working on your shadow aspects, and you are investing in yourself energetically, but yet you still are faced with the hostile energetic forces that bring on demonic attacks, sickness, and uncertainty in your manifesting timelines. This is because we are currently living in an active spiritual warfare! This is the normal realm, this is the base line! I have come to this realization over the last year that everything simultaneously exists: the shadow realms, the purgatory realms, and the black hole systems. They are all running into our current reality, and we CAN be simultaneously living on the higher timelines and be affected by this. Bifurcation and polarization on the Earth’s race morphogenetic field, reality timeline fields are operating in a form of chaos, instability, dis-harmony, and unpredictability. 


And no, it’s not all your fault; no, you are not manifesting this on yourself entirely/solely by not doing enough shadow work or reflecting enough inward to dissolve your victim mentality/negative ego. Multiple forces are engaging and at play created due to the work of each one’s free will. This means that as humans, as divine goddesses, we have a long list of oppression/manipulative tactics used against us from the cosmic to planetary, to universal, to human, to Lower astral realms, to Saturnian/satanic ritual abuse  level realms that play into this spiritual warfare multidimensionally, we exist on an active battlefield. Sometimes, we are just a casualty of something bigger; other times, we are a direct target and finite focus of something nefarious. 


Hence, I am offering the Goddess Warrior Training, Psychic Defense and Protection Course, as it is genuinely needed at this time to support our sisterhood in becoming stronger spiritually and facing the challenges that present on the spiritual battlefield. My sisters, you have told me this is needed now, and I can’t agree more: I have been fully activated by this calling to embrace the qualities and behaviors of the goddess warrior and embody the transformation that can resist the opposing forces on this earth to your highest capacity. This is about shifting our mindsets and perspectives about what we are dealing with and applying discipline to our lives to witness the leveling up in internal empowerment. This is about knowing our divine will and ability to decorate our light bodies in the highest holographic protective forces. 


What we ultimately have is each other, and we must demonstrate our strengths to one another; we must prepare our gifts in ways we can gift the next woman her level up by boosting her with our own. Energy never dies - it peaks and flows, and if you currently have the rolling force, the apex of the power wave, ride it, but let it roll into the next one! I deeply spoke about this concept in the update with Noko below!


Sisters, I have been listening to you and this is what is truly needed right now- let's weave our empowered network together and stand with the strength of the Amazon (North African) Warrior Goddess! And attend the Warrior Goddess Training Course and even potentially, in the future~ an Academy for this community! Also, because of the imperativeness of this community need, I am going to be pushing out the Gridwork Facilitator 2 Course until March 27-29th 2023. If you have signed uo for the Facilitator 2 Course, we will have notified you via email about the date changes and also an offering for the Warrior Goddess Training if you would like to attend both! If you you are considering both courses and would still like an offer for both just email in at and we can give you additional discount codes for attending both current course offerings.


Please take a moment to review my previous work on the female energy system and Lemurian Implant systems. These will be referenced in the Amazon Warrior Goddess Training, but ultimately we will be taking an entirely new direction with the goddess, it's time to stand with power of the Warrioress!!


Fearless ~ Courageous ~ Matriarch


Cosmic Blissings, Indie

Benefits Include:


  • Feel supported by your sisterhood standing with you and uplifting you—a safe place to share concerns and get an abundance of new ideas in LIVE group Learning/Chat. 

  • Increased ability to overcome descension cycles, density, low vibrations, timeline collapses, entity attacks, shadow creatures, reptilian attacks, and reversal energies, so much more. 

  • Increased discipline and awareness in self-empowerment to overcome spiritual, emotional, and mental challenges. 

  • Long lasting protection mentality/light body field and upgraded astral/auric body that will sustain and support you after the course has ended. 

  • New tool bag filled with spiritual protection and psychic defense techniques that work and disengage the dark energies, as a warrior goddess. 

  • Soul Transformation and DNA Upgrades!

8 Days Until our Christmas Party, have you signed up? Celebrate the Winter Solstice w/ us! Our Chakra Clearing Class Registration is open. The Group Discussion and Class will be held on 12/21/2023 at 3PM and 6PM CST. Please go to under the “Services” tab for more details & to sign up/ or click the link below. We can't wait to sip some Goddess Juice with you!


Crown Chakra Juicing Recipe from our most recent live is: 1 Purple Cabbage, 3 Green Apples, and 1 Lime. If you have a juicer please make this for the class! If not, bring your sacred Cocoa or Hot Chocolate!


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