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Advanced Gridwork intel, the light grid templating of the Lemurian timeline.

By IndigoAngel

What you see in the (picture above) is the Lemurian Light Grid 1.

The main Lemurian light grid consists of particular geomagnetic light geometry that runs the primary functions of this grid. The main grid functions are cross-hatched diamond structures with x-intersections for inner earth patterning. The x’s represent an inward vortex that pulls time fields into it at each intersection. The x point represents the inner magnetic permeability of the integrity of the grid. The hourglasses in between represent the feminine stature geometry that opens and unlocks into the universal stargates and mother arcing systems. The diamonds in between are the refined crystal body templates.

 These are grid fabric templates which are inter-dimensional planetary holographic electromagnetic networks that operate through sacred geometry, electromagnetic wave patterns, inner/outer earth portals, and time vectors that are a part of the universal whole. They hold an intelligence field, planetary akashic record, and super consciousness field of the diversity of functions within them that pertain to a particular timeline sets and prophecy network. These are reminders of our internal energy grids upon which our thoughts, perceptions of timeline experiences, and energy that creates our consciousness and reality experiences manifest and unfold through the planetary body. Your awareness of these internal grid fabric templates running within you downloads the information streams to access data within these time fields.

 There are various forms of these.

 There are standard basic models of these that are more universal depicting a more mainstream understanding of these grid fabric templates. Some are more radiation-based and some are more magnetic-based. Such as, the Curry model- which is a radiation field that runs from southwest to northeast. This is a model that is highly working at man-made gate sites such as the Georgia guide stones, the 4 corners of man, and Stonehenge.

 The Hartman model- runs from north to south and east to west and is more magnetic based. This is fast-moving and hot and active energy.

 Then there is the Cathie model- which is a grid of rectangles that are 45 square nautical miles each. These are very affected by the mass of the earth, gravity, and the speed of light. They have been known to attract UFO activity- these also lie congruent with the 33rd to 37th parallel, which is the ley line with the most supernatural, spiritual, and ultra/extraterrestrial activity on the earth.

Then there are ley lines- which are a separate part of the energy grid surrounding earth that sends and receives energy throughout the world while connecting to sacred sites, power places, stargate locations, 13-dimensional mother arcing sites, high peak point purity nodals, rare crystal gems, and crystal and diamond minds and diamond discs. They bring information through the light grid fabric templates. Many of the ley lines that we know of today are man-made and artificial. This is because the true ley line systems of the earth operate like tree root systems in the earth and do not form perfect trajectories from one point to another. Ley lines are believed to be man-made- but follow the earth’s spiritual line energy -similar to grid fabric templates. So while you cannot see the ley lines, you can feel the powerful radiating energy from the intercession points of grid lines, and along the pathways of ley lines. When the human body comes into contact with the grid line, and ley lines it affects our biochemistry, our physical make-up, our light bodies, our spiritual bodies, and most heavily affects the astral, causal, and auric levels of our identity.

A lot of times after you hit heavily activated ley line areas and stargates, it cant take up to 1 week- 8 weeks to fully integrate the higher ultra frequencies which you encounter. They can rapidly upgrade or change your life, thrust you into your highest potential or divine purpose, and permanently alter your DNA to higher levels of earth creation encoding. You will have an increase in your spirituality, light body, and energy field carrying a new universal power that also begins to affect other areas of the grids, ley lines, and stargate sites. This is really when your most active in your indigo type 1 templating is because you are now considered stargate code seeder, which is where you carry energetic fractals of scared cosmic energy connecting global links for planetary restoration, evolution, and ascension capacities and prophecy.

 All of these I just spoke of such generalized models like the Curry and the Cathies are just examples of more basic grid fabrics, but as we begin to access dynamic grid fabrics within civilizational timelines we can see the diversity of living life and the expression and functionality of the living life currents upholding relativity to ancient timelines and future prophecy.

 I have spoken a lot about the organic grid systems.

 One of these very vast global planetary organic networks is high crystal nodal points.

The Pleiadian’s crystal grid nodal points- these were created and assisted with making the grids of the earth-conscious crystal grids, and also installed 24 purity nodes on the earth in 24 different locations. A benevolent design, mostly located at mountain high peaks and connected to diamond and rare gem crystal mines, these locations are said to house the guardians of the earth. They are called seraphim light arc’s that plug into the merger fields of the future light cities on the earth. Those high nodal seraphim arcing sites house the primordial creator spiritual energies, so the sophianic dragons, the 13 mother dragon clan energy, the fae, and the serpent cosmic mothers, which were the diversification of the seraphim, burning one's soul lineages. This is the nodal template that is underneath and simultaneous to the Lemurian Light Grid Fabric Template 1.

 The total Lemurian grid is comprised of 4 different simultaneous light grid fabrics interwoven together. Starting with The Tiamat grid which is the innermost fabric network of the first fundamental grid layers of the inner earth consciousness body that is 5D. This one is comprised of a honeycomb shape internal structure with an organic flower of life circulating the exterior of the honeycomb. This one we have not been able to design just yet due to the multi-dimensional nature of it, we will be looking to finish specific types of graphics that can emulate this functionality, but this mirrors in the human body through the protein and the honeycomb-like shapes in the bone structure, this is truly where holographically we may have access points into the radial templates that house these inner earth grids, and also the defining mental templates of the universals tree of life. This may be where we can do -engage the hardwiring to the maldek and Marduk mental bodies which may be the reptilian templating within the bone density.

 3 holographic divine blueprints run as energetic electromagnetic radial light grids from the original Tiamat grid. These are the Lemurian light grid 1, the dove grid, and the swan grid. Which extend aimlessly going from ancient records to future prophecy. Now between these 3 grid fabric templates, they run the most extensive and most important running grid known on the earth that cultivates in our most primal sustaining parts of history, from the motherland of Mu to Australias, to India, to Ancient Egypt, to France To the northern lands of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. All 3 are the unseen grid that runs the oceanic and tribal organic spiritual principles on earth that is beyond any limitation of any other collective grid and radial root race overlays because this grid is the defining underlay, the unseen, the forgotten, and the collective subconscious shared experience. All 3 represent the cradle of civilization and are unified through the old and still running equatorial codes of Lemuria, Gondwana, supercontinent Pangea, kumari kan-dam, the connecting land bridges that brought forth Mu and the seven ancient races of Lemuria to life.

 The grid network of Lemuria in the earth’s holographic divine blueprint was built upon an organic D-13 Current a “magnetic grid” that was amplified with an inter grid that was purely crystalline and running the highest frequency of the diamond encoding the earth has ever experienced. This is how it can go from Tiamat all the way to its full expression as the swan. That is running codes from inner earth diamond oceans to antarctic diamond solar discs in the earth. This high frequency still exists in the earth’s field to this day running from high-powered Star-gates, angular Ley Lines, the global pyramid network, inner earth vortex sites, several purity nodes in the earth’s grids, the ring of fire, and the pacific ocean. Each one of them is guarding this dynamic planetary organic diamond crystal energy network. They are holding the African gateway keys -with this energy power grid moving through New Zealand, Australia, South America, Africa, and back down to Antarctica. It is an ancient organic energy machine that has lain dormant for billions of years that will awaken now through diamond planetary activations. If you have caught any of my 3 days of light work, you will know what I am talking about, about the diamond networks. Crystal Grid locations connect to the universal stargates, planetary pyramid networks, sacred sites, planetary chakras, and ley lines.

Grid-worker note: There are still energetic imprints and crystal seeds at the bottom of the pacific that can be activated in accordance to the old equatorial codes of Lemuria and Mu through the x-geometry. One can access these through inner earth gates and networks in Hawaii, Easter Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, and some other pacific Islands, permissions must be granted they're by the spirits of the volcanoes to enter and access during gridwork.

In this Gridwork Facilitator course you will gain the fundamental skills necessary to facilitate remote group grid sessions with the focus on cultivating the highest level of psychic ability within your students and participants, becoming a master grid-work guide.

This is an expert level container with course teacher Amanda Jane DeMarco, IndigoAngel who has many years worth of high level facilitation experience. With the focus on everything from the ground basics, intro to grid-work, grid-work anatomy, star-gate mechanics, grid-work etiquette, how to guide and lead, navigating healing modalities in the container and so much more. No pre-requisite classes needed, the course will start at the basics and work it's way into facilitation training.

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The Lemurian grids carry the purity of the white ray lineages, the white dove grid- the olive branch peace codes, the white swan, the white dragon, the white serpent, and the white cow. This unification comes through a tetra-morphia union of living creatures. Which happens in the book of Ezekiel (biblically speaking) merging pillaric identity into a single figure, creating the perfected eternal human or androgynous spirit body. This is a representation of a merging and unification of bloodlines through the white ray to crystal to double diamond liquid plasma rays. This unification process is necessary on a spiritual level to acquire the level of consciousness that is to uphold and exist within the spiritual pillars on the earth that uphold the planetary bodies with a spiritual spinning Merkabah field.

 The wings of the dove- represent the peace, liberation, and freedom codes. (Also carries grandmother whale, turtle codes, 13 crystal skulls, and Mayan grandmother wisdom) Blue Wave Spectrum- global Cosmic Christos, Archangel Michael Restoration living current. Emerald Wave Spectrum- global cosmic mother wave of divine restoration living current. Verticle Ley line- olive branch codes- which is the symbol of friendship, reconciliation with the divine, cleansing, Victory, and richness in life. These will boost the integral aspects of humanity, making this consciousness stronger and more humble within each one's heart. This also represents longevity, because once these codes fully activate and expand in the grids, humans will now live healthy long lives and will feel themselves and the generations of their legacies renowned for thousands of years. This grid fabric represents the expansion of the dove grid breaking free from the siphoning and hijacking in north America due to the Yahweh/metatronic flower of life invasion- that they rooted deep into the Tiamat grid the first earth template to ever exist.

 The opposition of the dove wing wave pattern going from wings that are upside right and upside down, that are integrated, linked, and mirrored within one another through the planetary vertical ley lines represent the harmonious nature of the union of peace and freedom globally as it expands and lives in a state of total global balance. This clears the reversal currents running in the earth’s field, and activates the grid rehab projects, rescue missions, the restoration of the global unhealed hybridization traumas, and core world wounds, that are uploaded and sent through signal codes to the 144,000 as they receive the light grid fabrics of this into their energy fields and personal biological grid-work to build the light cities. The emerald and blue wave pattern harmonized together running in between the peace and freedom wings of the dove represent the unification of the blue and emerald ray starseed lineages that contain the holy matrimony of the archangel Micheal (Yeshua) and Mother Mary (divine mother and divine Sophia energies) and principles that run through the ley lines and mother arcing systems to sustain the expansion of the olive branch codes.

 This grid fabric represents the changes that will take place in the planetary doradic and telluric currents which will change the earth’s planetary chakras merging harmonious layers into the 4d, 5d and 6d fields over the next 200 years.

Crystal Blue Diamond- Diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun. Large white diamonds- 144,000 re-birthing, activation of the 144 harmonics. Smaller Diamonds- portals to 7 higher harmonic universes. White Swan Outline- the purity of the white ray, future earth prophecy expansion. The swan grid template is the template that will come from this inner working of the dove, indigo, 144,000 rebirthing, activating the 144 harmonics in the earth. Anchoring the double-diamond light sun body. That's the diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun. That's why you can see in the picture here the diamond's emanating from the swan, from the 7 higher harmonic universes…that is a portal to the next universe.

 This was installed over 120 million years ago in the timelines of Gondwana. Gondwana plays a huge role in this diamond network. It was built not of man-made or artificial crystal diamond technology, it was made from pure crystalline forms imported from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius and Cygnus, Hydra, and the Pleiades- the 7th central sun. Refined on earth Through kimberlite, limestone other types of igneous rocks. It was built so that the planet could withstand pole shifts, solar storms and changing firmaments, and stratosphere. That means that during this time of great Lemurian revival. Transition, we are opening up portals to not only future tara and integrating from that place but also the next universes of the Laniakea systems. That will activate the 144,000. Because these templates start base frequency at 144,000 and above, as the base grid templating rises in the earth for some it will be attainment, some it will be installation, some it will be graduation, for some it will be mission, but either way baseline will be the 144,000 earth grid templating. It comes when the emerald crystals are activated in the earth’s crystal caverns, the sapphire crystals, the aqua aura crystals- the rare and unique gems, the malachite, the moldavite, it will begin to grow sophistic flowering plasma chakras. Which will upgrade all of the biological grids because this repairs completely the Metatronic implant. Below these fields bringing them in a consistent upward motion and shedding of density possibly bring forth the third messiah and activate the golden gate in Jerusalem and obliterate all the blockages on this gate system. There is much more unfolding that will happen with this just see the link below to my blog where I highlight this.

 This is the actual house and crystal star design that all starseeds on this earth achieve to embody, the eternal cosmic Christos plasma light, Free of crucifixion, persecution, stigmata, holocaust, and mass ethnic cleansing and migration. The victors of christ and full rehabilitation of the majority of the Anunnaki collective. Through Diamond Grid installation and rehabilitation process’s on the earth. All other densities will obliterate, and all darkness will be pushed out of the earth. Particularly the 666 wormhole in the Atlantic Ocean- close and evaporate.

 (Which seems to be a triple wormhole ring running from Bermuda to the statue of liberty off the coast of West Africa, Azores Spain, and the areas where Atlantis fell into the Atlantic). Which would collapse the root of evil in the financial systems, and the Baphomet worshipping systems. Luciferian worshipping systems. Putting a nice dent in the Saturnian systems. The Tower of Babel wormhole in the middle east -close and evaporated. Which would collapse the earth’s destruction codes, order, and chaos programs, and the wormhole between the earth and the moon, that runs to the dark side of the moon. Which would collapse dark mother and dark father principles, restore universal principles, and create fracking. The truth is the organic crystal temples (diamond, rare gems, malachites, quartz, and emeralds) have been under warfare since the Luciferian Rebellion was installed and the 666 wormholes opened up. Luciferian programming is anchored into the selenite pylon crystal caverns in Atlantis. But what they are not telling you is that the programs were anchored in artificial selenite pylon crystal caverns. Rods that were placed by the Anunnaki. Particular facets of the Nibiru Annunaki- decided that they could block the earth’s organic crystal grid matrix by using artificial selenite rods and also installing crystal seals in the organic crystal matrix. This was the beginning development of the majority of the overlay control systems we have running at this time, the Aquila overlays, the 4 quadrant hybridization systems, and the Orion and fallen Draco overlays. The red and white lineages. They learned how to overlay with artificial technology. They could block the human consciousness from the inner earth passageways. From the diamonds of deep inner earth- which are the true inner earth messengers from the ultra divine diamond cosmatrix systems- and intergalactic diamond highways from the milky way to 4 other universal systems. 3 other galaxies have heightened organic diamond star clouds, spinning nano-diamonds, and beautifully arranged sophistic arranged crystal structures.

They wanted to block consciousness from the Diamond Crystal seas inside the earth, so they could take over inner earth cities, hijack the rod and staff of the earth, and follow through with deception tactics of planetary branding, branding the earth, and hosting it like planetary snatchers. Where they hijack the living Merkaba structure of the inner earth’s spiritual living light body and then plug the host into a greater black hole system. To do all of this they have to find a way to hijack the crystal technology on the planet.

This is entirely what the Atlantean crystal generators were about. When the crystal generators blew up and sunk in Atlantis. Some of this sunk but what about all of the technology that was installed before the generator crystal explosion? This technology is still running as false or artificial selenite crystal technology that interfaces with the entrapment of the limiting dove grid. There was also another set of artificial crystal networks installed by the Nibiru- Anunnaki with the help of the Pleiadians, that was installed underneath Stonehenge. That links to 24 artificial crystal temples all over the globe primarily along the 33rd parallel. They use these to try and reverse the earth’s Merkaba field and continue to run those detrimental reversal frequencies, anti-life frequencies. The PDSs, The intention of these installed artificial crystal grid temples/networks was to block the organic crystal networks. The true rare gem networks

The high Diamond areas in the earth's grid of high concentration of diamonds, Like these Diamond Mines in South Africa, Antarctica, Canada, Russia, West Africa, and Australia.

The organic quartz and selenite networks and caverns. Such as the Cave of Crystals, the Naica Mines, in Chihuahua Mexico, the cave of swords, the queen's eye cave, the candles cave, or the Ice palaces in the earth and the Bermuda crystal caves…. Why do you think they would demonize and make you so weary of the Bermuda Triangle? The areas and islands down in Bermuda. Because of the organic crystal caverns. They installed inorganic selenite rods to try to control this powerful energy. But inside these organic crystal caverns/ diamond mines here is where we can fully dismantle the artificial systems, the J-Seals, Draco Seals, dismantle the false D13 currents- which is where their distortions run down to earth’s core, to chain us to the fallen parallel system.

 We can reconnect the Pure mother arcing systems here and establish balance, and harmony in the earth’s field, the more of us that know this the more the head of the dove light template awakens from and out of the /Yucatan. And the wings of the dove expand from the diamond cavern mines in Canada. Henceforth bringing forward the swan grid template, everything is pre-installed 100’s years in advance before humans wake up to its existence of it. The frequency of the diamond rehabilitation grid and diamond grid templating will be rising so high that those descended from the seraphim, the Elo-hei, the Orpahim, the Thrones Guardians, the 144,00, the 144 earth harmonics, and the light cities will be fully able to exist here. The organic systems are and will again override the Artificial systems. All of this truly functions from these 3 main light grid fabrics underlying the greatest prophecy revolution on earth.

Womb Healing Course Now Available for Download

I wanted to encourage our divine masculines who did not attend this container to potentially take some deeper interest in attaining the womb course healing teachings, as there is a much-shared her-story here that would offer deep insight into the core world wound genocidal acts that both men and woman share. There are many shared implants and tags from Lemuria, and also specific core wounding that the masculine, in particular, is dealing with at the core of their toxic feminine wounding, such as deep distrust of the feminine from deep unconscious memories of being betrayed by the feminine. In the Eiyani massacre, many of the men were separated from their divine 5th-dimensional counterparts under the guise of trickery, and then many were even murdered. This deep-seated distrust still comes up from the timeline of Lemuria for many of our masculines and disallows them to trust womb, trust lovers and partners, and trust their mothers. They have scars of deep betrayal from this time, and this is the division that we are trying to heal at the core of our shared gender destruction codes running on earth. So divine masculines I want to just offer this coursework to you now that the container has been completed, I feel the educational aspect of this would expand your awareness of the feminine, and the spiritual growth and work that we have done will give you a deeper understanding of where we are….

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