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Hydra's Rebirth into the Collective Consciousness

When one comes into Creation Mythology there seems to be consistent "myth" and a consistent race lineage that is told time and time again, culture after culture and that is the Serpent race, lineage, soul genetic, and protein that is the basis of all Creation Myth's. In the Old Testament in the Bible, the Garden of Eden and the Serpent. The Sumerian Creation story of Tiamat, primordial goddess of the Sea, and her offspring where snake and dragon. That Enki later kills and creates Heaven and Earth. Africa and Australia Creation tales of the Rainbow Snake and how this was Earth giving herself to birth all of life. Indian Cultures having many stories depicting the snake as Gaia's life force energy causing Volcanoes and Earth quakes.

Hydra always being seen as forbidden, demonic, sharp, dreadful, outcasted, and feminine.

In the Aegean world woman were worshipped with serpents, males could only be involved if they were priests of the bull god, and were subordinate to the priestess until they could be called serpent. Priest actually meant snake charmer.

Sirius being the exalting qualities of the feminine, guarding the gateway to her dualistic sister Hydra. Sirians's in Egyptian timeline's were called the snake people, and the serpent was their symbol. You can see this clearly on the cobra headdress's that they wore.

The Tree of Life which is a living Kathara Grid imprinted in the molecular encoding of the human body and planet has a serpent sliding up it, the snake is the only true race lineage repeatedly notated in all foundations of creation. The snake belly to belly with Earth, the guardians and gatekeepers of the Underworld, where the essence of Gaia's soul dwells.

The Fall of Atlantis being the Serpent Cataclysm, a re-inactment of Hercules cutting the head of Hydra and being placed in the stars disguised as Ophucius the serpent bearer, holding the trophy of the snake that he keeps suppressed in his hands. Guarding the gateway to the galactic core.

This disconnect is hidden in all chaos, confusion of whether there are 12 or 13 astrology signs, confusion whether there is 12 or 13 dimensions? Confusion and distraction that has been the true ancestral fragmentation for over 2000 years. Divinity hidden so deep, it feels like it has been taken and removed. This consciousness is only just now re-emerging in the human psyche, as it has been submerged in the unconscious collective, waiting, for its return represents INTENSE transforming and regeneration in a big way collectively. Many will begin to embody the spirit of Hydra as her consciousness makes her return to the human psyche.

Hydra holding the keys to the universe, activation codes 3,6,9, the keys to our healing as a collective, the acknowledgement of hydra is needed to heal the deepest wounds of collective humanity. The loss of Human & Earth Connection, The hate for the divine Feminine, and the abandonment and demonization of the feminine.

For this return will again awaken one to the eternal flow of energy systems and will blow the top off the finite structure that have been strangulating and feeding off living energy systems for thousands of years. The Snake represents immortality for they appear to re-incarnate from themselves as they slough their skin, and rebirth again in the same existence.


This Hydra Celestial segment cosmic influence is in the ecliptic southern ripening plane of the sky.

Miss Hydra is so alluring, mystical, and magical yet feels dangerous and but yet apart of you all at the same time.

Hydra carries all the power of the Serpent, called the Entwiner, The Clinging Star, The Coil, and strands of DNA and Kundalini life force.

With Solar and Lunar Power, life and death, light and dark, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, preserver and destroyer.

With qualities of : regeneration, life-force, killing, healing, secrets, curses, magic, rhythm, sex, intimacy, seduction, and spells.

A pagan like theme in those qualities, telepathically feeling the primal forces of consciousness attach to your ancestor self and ground into the memory banks of their lifetime and existences of soul vs human vs serpent cataclysm timelines.

Essentially the deep etheric ancestral fragmentation for over 2000 years of divinity being taken and removed, the loss of nature consciousness, the honoring of nature as sacred, the earth as sacred, the mother as scared, the moon as sacred.

Everything of the divine feminine demonized, everything of the goddess essentially demonized for a long period of human history, now as we transition out of this way of consciousness and into the androgynous collective sacred feminine consciousness of the Aquatic inter-seller wave infusions of 2019.

This star system is so profoundly connected to the direct soul genetic lineages of Mary Magdalene.

The one true disciple, the Essenes, the Yeshua Sananda, Melchizedek, Jesus Christ lineages.

The Emerald Covenant Lineages with predetermined ascension codes in the 12-48 DNA strand matrix. But mostly how it’s connected to Mary Magdalene and how and why do I make these connections.

I’m finding the more you dig into the mythology of the lesser known stars the more about the grail lines starts to rise to the surface.

All of the true human history resides in the stars in sky and equal oppositely within the quantum realms of the body, and if it’s apart of history that’s in the shadows of the human collective psyche then surely it’s history resides in the lesser known constellations and stars. Right out of ones sight, yet still in plain sight.

Hydra is the largest constellation out of all 88 constellations, surely it’s influence on planet Earth is that of something so profound, and yet it merely made ptolemies list of important observable stars.

So why are are these lesser known stars not common knowledge amongst the starseed community?

What kind of cosmic distraction or illusion is really playing out when we are saying hi only look at these 6 over here but don't look at any other’s?

Why hasn’t Stargate knowledge been channeled on lesser known stars?

Is it because they hold humanity’s ripest divinity? I say question everything even our stellar cosmic maps.

I think it’s important as expanded consciousness beings, and multi-dimensional beings that we start looking at the complexity of one’s galactic energy signature, as none of us are only one origin, we are many origins of a hybridized photonic symphonic cosmic harmonic resonance that we flow into.

Our soul is rhythmic and eternal and as the frequencies shift so does the attunement to your expression as radial light reflecting off the shadow.

These galactic signatures are your expressions as radial light, you are the souls accumulation of many elemental crystal seed forms of galactic consciousness and you are truly the only one like it in the universe, no two souls will ever be the same, but we do belong to Cloisters, a mastery regulatory genome, a Root, a soul group, and higher identity level groups.

-as truly there are 144 elements in the universe so we are connected to 144 archetypal soul expressions and groups that we can activate too through universal galactic harmonic resonance of solar shifts.

I have had a couple reading’s that I’ve done over the last couple of days where Hydra placements have been presenting in more than one placement, so the chart had profound hydra markers and in the god head or the midheaven placements, and I kept picking up on Mary Magdalenes archetypal expression during this reading.

I mean there was no doubt about it, the frequency and energy signature was inside of her name. So I've been sitting with this over the last couple of days, thinking wow how she is a true Mary Magdalene incarnate and why does this move something so powerful inside? Hydra in the two most important placements in the chart.

I wake up this morning and googled Mary Magdalen’s birthday and sure enough, her birthday is July 22, so according to Egyptian Decans of 10 degree segments- July 22 is within the 20 to 30 degree segment of Cancer, which is the celestial markers for Hydra…

Come to find out this is also The Feast Day.

So essentially Mary Magdalen’s solar and lunar influential expression was that of hydra, the serpent, snake, and cobra soul genetic bloodline.

It feels so wildly exciting to know that Mary Magdalene was truly the goddess of the serpent that this was aligned in the stars in such a magnificent beautiful way.

A hydra starseed carries a tremendous mission of transforming the serpent lineage and the past demonizing of the feminine on their back, their mythology is to bring the divine feminine into wholeness with the divine masculine collective on the planet.

Their mission on Earth is the goddess rising and bringing the feminine back, nature consciousness back, and sacred worship of mother earth back.

If you are a hydra starseed you're going to have this placement in your birth chart anywhere, from 16°40 Cancer to 30°00 Cancer, it is the constellation following Sirius and is what I do feel the true origin of the Serpent bloodline.

When I say serpent I mean snake, not dragon, but snake belly to belly with the Earth.

A slithering journey into the unknown, under-world, and in-between realms of the labyrinth.

Now I do feel their is some confusion on this, as many also assume that this is dragon lineage as-well, but I just want to point out the fact that in Greek mythology Hydra was a serpent water monster with 7-9 heads, and one or some or all where eternal depending upon what you read. The information is always varying.

But it clearly states Hydra is serpent.

Also if your look at the constellation in the sky which it is visible with the naked eye, you can see it is clearly in the shape of a long snake extending across two zodiac segments virgo and cancer.

As a Hydra Starseed you may feel connected to the star Alphard as it is the largest star in the constellation, and this would have been home or a gateway or a passage way that your crystal seed forms of consciousness attuned to. As a hydra starseed your previous truest origins may in-fact be from the Southern Pin Wheel Spiral Galaxy, as this galaxy is right in the middle of Hydra. The Pin wheel galaxy giving hydra that eternal crystal spiral connection to a meta galactic core portal to Universal Eternity.

Very few constellations have a galaxy inside of it, you can see Andromeda through cassiopeia, and Triangulum through Aries.

Hydra is also home of Jupiter’s ghost.

Also in galactic history sirians were called the snake people and used the serpent as their symbol.

Now, the snake people have been referred to as the reptilian races,as their is a reference to the Belil sun agenda group, NAA, or the Et invader lineages but I do feel the serpent race bloodline is protein, a human genome archetypal expression all on it’s own.

Some say the RH- Universal Blood type is the serpent people, but I do feel the serpent lineages extend beyond that of blood type that.

The personality of a hydra starseed would be that of an individual who could take you on a journey in one sentence, with a rhythm in the way they wind you into their coils.

You may feel seduced and stun gunned, mesmerized and caught in a whirl wind of their essence.

You may feel they just get the emotional body, comforting, warm, comforting to ones vulnerabilities.

You may trust them emotionally but somewhere inside you have adrenaline rush of uncertainty.

You may sometimes fear their or your own reactions to things as one can react harshly and regret choices later.

A hydra starseed carries the mission of transforming the serpent lineage and the past demonizing of the feminine on their back, their mythology is to bring the divine feminine into wholeness with the divine masculine collective on the planet.

The Hydra mission on Earth is the goddess rising and return, awakening hydra from the collective unconscious, intense transformations, healing the ancestral fragmentation, and again opening energy structures to the eternal life flow.

IndigoAngel, Amanda DeMarco

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Awakened Aspects
Awakened Aspects
Nov 07, 2023

I was wondering which astrology you were using that tracks Hydra at 3rd decan of Cancer? Is it Sidereal? Because in my Tropical tracking, I see it as 3rd decan Leo.


Michelle O’Keefe
Michelle O’Keefe
Nov 12, 2022

You might be interested in my birth chart ^*^


Bella Katt
Bella Katt
Jul 04, 2022

Very interesting! I was just told Hydra is in my birth chart and I'm now doing as much of a dig as possible on this newfound information.😊

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