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IndigoAngel's Weekly Newsletter and Energy Update





I Released my Latest Video on the Hydra Constellation and it's link with the Divine Feminine, Magdalene Energy and Kundalini

on the Evening of the Summer Solstice.

Please watch the video if you haven't already on my Youtube channel

Please see link to Watch, Like and Share

The Fire at Notre Damn Cathedral was Symbolic because the Site previously housed a Temple to the Goddess Isis.

Hydra is stretching for nearly 95° across the Heavens, from Cancer to Scorpio and is Symbolic of the Serpent, Symbolic of Kundalini and Ancient Wisdom in Vedic and Druid Culture.

Mary's Birthday and Feast Day was July 22 (Hydra), and was the Date of many Templar Ceremonies at the Cathedrals in Europe.

I Continue to Promote my Bio-Regenesis Sessions this Summer which are Grounding Techniques, Pineal Aerobics, Visualization and Meditational Practices. I teach about Ascension, Identifying and Navigating Dimensions and Healing the Kathara.

The Techniques also Serve to Strengthen the Auric Field and Protect from Negative Energies.

Ascension is the Process of Regeneration of One's Soul, Bio-Regenesis Techniques are an Implemental Aspect

one could use to further develop the next level of Mental Mastery of the Higher Mind.

By Adding these Specific Techniques to your Daily Meditational Practices.

You May Already have a Dedicated Practice and Spiritual Meditation that is working for you, that is Great, this is not meant to replace that,

these Techniques are designed to Compliment and Enhance what is already working well for you.

July 2 we will see a Full Solar Eclipse at the time of the New Moon which represents a clearing and reset of both Masculine and Feminine energies.

As the Sun is in Cancer and Moon moving into Cancer (Water, feminine). Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Mars is leaving Cancer and moving into Leo (Fire, masculine) on July 3rd. Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Thank you always for your Continued Love and Support, please visit my Facebook Page IndigoAngel and Diamond Sun Human Grail Lines Group.

- Indie

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