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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

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Denver International Airport

Temple Mount Jerusalem

The Eye of Sahara


Remote Viewing D@I@A Draco Seal/6th Seal

Remote viewing a highly tampered/controversial/conspiracy location said to have DUMBS or deep underground military bases and NWO symbolism all over the internal aspect of the airport.


If you want to understand better why I chose this location please just see the last two updates that I put out regarding the pegasus radial systems.

Project Pegasus The Montauk Project SNOOPGATE Nexus Darpa (DIA, Pegasus Plaza Dallas, NY)

Pegasus are the head radial intelligence force of the nexus systems, which is the next universal expansion force, a gateway for advanced cosmic construction ...

You may have seen the picture of the Montauk horse looking strikingly similar to the horse outside the DIA Airport, and my intuition has guided me to say that this emblem may be the representation of these projects being relocated to DIA.

From pegasus projects to new world order agendas, DUMB’s, ancient Indian burial grounds, and Blucifer the red-eyed horse out front that took the life of the original Artist by falling on him and severing an artery when they were originally installing it. When I tune into that, I could see that happening was this artist’s greatest legacy because every single person who lives in the state of Colorado literally retells this story every time they pass by it going to and from the airport. This story represents an immortal passing. This place is highly activated…

What I am seeing is Draco agendas because I scanned into the Draco seal here, and Aryan agenda’s that tie into the biological timeline hold that they have here at this location on the earth through the pole tampering and modification through grid tampering machines, and iron imprints of seals.

I also think this ties into Atlantean timeline tampering and planetary time warp fields based upon time travel experiments done on the Montauk project. Continued AI development, and continued mind control facilities.

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