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Machu Picchu 5D Stargate UPGRADES, The Great Sacral Reset is Coming, Lion's Gate 8/8- PACHA MAMA

As many of you know, I spent a week towards the end of July 2022 exploring the Andean Mountains, Machu Picchu in Peru collecting stargate data. I stayed in Aguas Caliente the spiritual gateway to Machu Picchu, the 5th-Dimensional Pleiadian Crux Universal Stargate and Sacral Chakra of the world. Let me tell you, if you are ready to experice the immensity of the magnetic field/grid and clear your toxic womb head to the Sacred Valley, do not hold back. It is for those who are ready to feel passion, creations, reproduction, and deep soverign intimacy with the divine.

Masters of the Living Energy

The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru

Joan Parisi Wilcox

Americo at Mollomarqa

The Universe is a filament within which we as individuals are surrounded by the infinite. We are all points that are surrounded by the great infinite. We are dealing with questions and answers that move like the wind. We are in transit through this existence.... touching the infinite light.... connected to the cosmos with bridges of filaments.

In Respect to the ancient traditions, some filaments have been accumulated wisely in esoteric places and maintained through magic and the occult- an alchemical reaction. Our process of spirit has maintained the vision of those lights. They are now willing to open, to illuminate the night, and especially the night of the planet, the 3 Days of Light. All the traditions have spoken, the powers have spoken, the myths have spoken, the Hindus, the Mayas, the Hopis- all the great traditions have spoken of this.

The Andean lamas- who almost never come down from the mountains- maintain an incredible receptivity to the cosmos. they have an incredible but simple understanding of and connection to Pachamama. They are connected to the mystery and the enigma; they are connected to all the great spiritual traditions of the planet. They may not know formal names, but they know exactly and correctly the goals. A connection exists from the Andes to the Himalayas, because they truly and authentically work with the spirit of the wind, which is the messenger from the mountains and of Pachamama. Therefore, we are oriented by those filaments. Those filaments, through an unconscious way and a superconscious way, are being put out at this time to the great altars of the world- it is the time of the gathering.

Right now everything is truly connected because it is all a great ball of energy, of spirituality within the planet. The spiritual energies are all connected to each other. What is actually happening is that the world's spiritual energy is being moved, to the point that we can actually produce the will and intent of the world's great teachers, who know the prophecies... There's a development, a growth of consciousness. It is not only a matter of individuals situating themselves, but of us collectively situating ourselves in a new place. It actually touches on that expanded consciousness.

A 15th Century Citadel, located in the eastern cordilla, of southern Peru, is located above the sacred valley which is northwest of Cuzco. Set very high in the Andes mountains.

The Urubamba River flows past it, cutting through the cordillera, and creating a canyon with a tropical mountain climate. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

Everyone who wants to go to Machu Picchu has to pass through the gateway of Aguas Caliente. Many people just come and stay one night here, and hustle and bustle their way up to the mountain of Machu Picchu, but I stayed a few nights here to absorb the frequency, the culture, and the energy of the sacred valley. To me, this was very important.

It’s very dimensionally dynamic here in Aguas Caliente how you can see the templar, dogmatic and religious systems toe to toe with the traditions of ancient shamanism. One thing I have noted for sure is that the catholic presence is very strong here among the people that currently live here. I have been seeing inner earth portal structures that are linking Machu Picchu to the Vatican. (To be cleared more here) It seems we can run a clearing here from this gate site because of what happened to the Incans, and the Peruvian people when the Spanish came. The Spanish had to convince the Peruvian peoples to switch their allegiance against their long-held beliefs so what they did was they came in and built catholic churches on top of significant Incan buildings and temples. You can see this catholic church right here in the center of the village. (Video Clips below) They tell stories that the coca leaves were first blessed and blown by the Virgin Mary, which is not true, they were first blessed and first blown by the Pachamama.The sacral life force of creation of the divine mother. But many people have filters over their eyes. I do feel that the Spanish colonizers brought forth draconian energy here and this is something that has not left this village. That energy exists here simultaneously with the sacredness of the valley. But the Incans were very smart, they knew to hide their sacred teachings, in the acts of colonization. They sent the Qero’s to go live hidden in the Andean mountains and preserve the spiritual tradition of the land, the Pachamama, and the Apu- the spirits of the sacred mountain of Peru. I spoke about this in the last interview that I did with Maureen where we discussed parthenogenesis creation which is the double virgin births, that bring in souls into this earth plain free of karma. An ancient tradition of the Incans and the Qeros.

A video that I want to recommend to you guys, that I feel is an absolute must-watch is, Wisdomkeepers Paco Andino. This video best portrays these ancient shamanistic sacred and protected teachings in the purest way.

Aguas Calientes when you come into the village and see right away a big statue of Pachacuti. He was the emperor that transformed the Inca Empire (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu). Most archaeologists now believe that the famous Inca site of Machu Picchu was built as an estate for Pachacuti. He (Pachacuti) has on his chest a giant T symbol. This is a very important symbol he displays on his armor. This symbol alone is a very clear indicator of a couple of things. For one it shows the Lemurian templating which is what runs through this stargate site, is merged with MU -the motherlands of man hold the original seed codes to the origin of man and the original divine earth codes. This earth stargate system of Machu Picchu is merged and energetically linked through a celestial grid fabric, that ties into the celestial systems of Crux and Pleiades. The T symbol on Pachacuti's chest represents the crux celestial system, the constellation, which is also the smallest constellation system in the heavens. The crux was very important to the ancients of Mu and Lemuria. The Crux, to Mu ancients, was the divine mother energy, it was the celestial link to the Pachamama. This is a very powerful celestial system. That was also the cross for the crucified Christ, and this star reigned before christ but was also the star that rose above Jerusalem on the horizon at the time of the crucifixion. So this star may have the power to release the crucifixion wounds, globally. This is what I do believe is what needs to be released more and more. The Crux constellation is said to represent the 3 towers of worlds, the underworld, the living world, and the heavens.

The Vatican keeps coming up a lot lately due to the fires. With the massive protests that have been breaking out, I guess the Italian prime minister is under pressure to resign. Mario Draghi- draconian, bank gangster who worked his way up through the European central bank, chair of the financial stability board, governor of the bank of Italy, and worked for the world bank in Washington DC. I guess this guy won all kinds of popular votes in Italy, but Draghi has requested to resign as prime minister. But his request has been rejected and now the Italian government is in crisis. So internal conflicts have begun to mirror the fire crisis we are seeing, not only in the heart of Rome but also in the relentless heat waves penetrating the grids forging fires. We could be seeing the beginning of a weakening infrastructure of the heart of Rome and the Rome banking institutions. Fire transforming formiddable Wesa Evils. Two different fires broke out in Vatican city. Some intel is saying the fires were in three main areas, but mainstream media is only reporting 1 fire with conflicting stories.

I talked about how the vatican was receiving yet another Deeper clearing. I feel that clearing will probably take us through the Lions’s gate. The ethereal transformative frequency emitting at this 5th dimension reversal man made gate site is working on healing inter-generational traumas that have disallowed indigenous people from telling their stories. And that is by, returning their artifacts, the vault of the vatican has to be released, it is holding spiritual artifacts that have been taken to hold power.. So there is a pressure being applied here to release his power hold. What I have been thinking about most and cannot seem to release this is thought is the string of nuclear power efforts and the technological grid webbing that is substationed and compatrmanetalized within that.

A lot more is going on here than meets the eye. Another interesting aspect of this story is that there is Vatican underground dumbs that are connected to the Cern Super Computers. Again this may still have encrypted connections to the Georgia Guidestones. The word is orders have been sent out from headquarters beneath or around lake Geneva to particular groups. CIA groups have substations around the world.

For over 1000 years the Vatican tunnels have housed supercomputers that are connected to worldwide money laundering systems. Connected to the 4th reich, To the not-sees, To the global royal dynasty families. This is at the root of the global corruption we see and feel today. So what I keep seeing is we are receiving another layer of collective clearing here, as the light templating expands from within the grids. Hence the fires and the call to the attention it is providing.

Machu Picchu comes into place with all of this because it is a 5th-dimensional Pleiadian/Crux stargate, that has inner earth ley line connections/currents to the Vatican. They are in coordination with each other. Both holding 5d templating.

Machu Picchu is at 13.1631degrees S, and 72.545 W

Vatican inner earth (Reversal) 5D Gate 41.9029 degrees N, 12.4534 degrees E

They are connected through coordination. Remember in the last video how I told you there was an obelisk network running currents down to Peru. It’s through these specific coordinates.

What I am seeing happening is there is a cosmic stirring that is taking place within the filaments of the celestial universe, and there is an ultra double diamond expansion taking place inside this stargate at Machu Picchu.

I have seen the stargate when I visited…. And was granted a vision that night as I was closing my eyes. I seen what appeared to be a celestial funnel that was making its way down through two portals in two directional trajectories southern cross and pleiades… that is creating an inner mountain stargate, that sets up directly underneath Machu Picchu… So the stargate is like an inner sun that is inside the mountain of Machu Picchu. The stargate was ultra platinum light, ultra diamond light with hues of platinum violet, and other deep metallic colors that were turning the surrounding Andean mountains into a metallic mosaic inter-lay. The light was radiant and surrounded the celestial sky filaments of intelligence and permeated into the inner earth ley lines… That extended to inner earth enormous golden disc of the sun up under neath lake Titicaca….that seems to be running a white grid and a white illumination flame…..It seemed to be streaming celestial filaments to the Nazca Lines and the rainbow mountains. So that brings me to want to discuss with you guys the importance of the stargates.

Why this energy/ stargate power here can clear the Vatican. It’s because The stargates are a vortex of celestial energy wave spectrum that connects to multiple dimensions, timelines, reality fields, and biological functioning sets of ascension waves within the universal time-space matrix that open at the end of evolutionary cycles. I feel from what I have seen these celestial filaments are gaining more increasing energy and the stargates are opening up more. They are expanding and creating spirals of energy- filaments, the three spirals of creation- which are intergalactic plasma waves from the source field.

Stargates are an organic part of the mechanics of creation, the planetary spiritual immune system. Which defines and powers the holographic architecture, the D-13 Current, the magnetic grid, and the inter-crystalline grid. The diamond grid…. The diamond grid is powered by the energy inside the stargates….From the actual stargate, I have seen inside the mountain. So these stargates are very very important, and there are many different facets of this functioning on earth.

We have 12 running sets of universal stargates, which all are different in the way they look, operate, the way they are shaped, and anchored inside of the planet. They all have different running celestial systems and geometries. We have mother-arcing stargate sites that anchor the 13th through 15th density ultra frequency, Aquamarine, magenta, and Diamond encoding. and organic d-13 magnetic grids. We have high organic crystal nodal points that run similar to the universal stargates, just at a smaller level of quantum transduction.

The planetary stargate system of the earth is the earth’s connection points into the galactic and universal realms. So what comes through these gate systems upholds the rest of humanity. They are the basis of the consciousness body, and this was created from the diamond network. They hold the origination, the original crystal seeds of humanity. Many simultaneous dimensional layers are existing here that connect to layers of the earth’s auric field. They were once sealed off and closed but now these stargates are progressively opening more during the ascension cycles. Machu Picchu has never been one that has fully closed, these gates stayed open and preserved in secret.

The energetic connection and spiritual energy network are vast in Peru, running through Rainbow Mountain, the Nazca Lines, and Lake Titicaca which is also another universal stargate. These stargates have to be plugged back in full to restore the organic grid. Restoring the organic grid will restore the global universal tree of life, it will rebuild the planetary pillars, and uphold the spinning planetary spiritual Merkaba body from abuse from the negative aliens to control the earth. This is the thrust of light energy that is necessary to clear trinity gates- which are loosh harvesting gates sites…

Sacral Chakra Reset at Machu Picchu 2022

I speak now solely to the land and the sky.

And call upon the sacred permissions of the Incans and the Qero ancestors, the true shamans, wizards, and sorcerers to close clear collapse, heal and unify at this 5th-dimensional Pleiadian/Crux stargate.

Apu- lord of the mountain spirits.

Pachamama- goddess of fertility, breast of corn.

Sacral divine feminine creation healing life force.

Crux. The cross that represents the three tiers of the world, the underworld, the living world, and the heavens.The star that rose above Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion.

The southern cross that is engraved upon the stones in Machu Picchu.

I call to you...

To restore all hybridized and fractured timelines and soul genetics to the motherlands of man, Lemuria, Atlantis, Aryans, and 6th root race.

And feel the powerful awakening of the eyes of the heart.

The great sacral reset is coming.

Command and Release…

Sacral chakra bodies of the earth, sacral womb hearts.

Command and Release…

Release the pain body…

Toxic Womb Blood, Poisoned Wombs, Artificial wombs, implanted wombs, reversal wombs, creation fracked wombs, crisper wombs, Invitro wombs, aborted and scrapped wombs, Infanticidal wombs, seed artifact wombs.

Uncleansed and unhealed wombs.

Clips, clamps, cords, binding, implants, hooks, chains, ropes, and contracts, Command and Release.

Restore to the original divine order, and merge into the mother arcing systems, womb worlds for healing, and open the womb world networks up to the planetary pyramid networks.

Anchor and Seal.

To the golden healing temples of Lemuria.

Restore and Heal, Restore and Heal, Restore and Heal.

The division of the sexes, Gender principles, gender roles, gender distortions, gender dysphoria, gender confusion, gender mutilation, gender manipulation, and gender siphoning. Misogyny, PDS, kings of tyranny.

Separated 5D Lovers, 5D Unions, Twin Souls, False Twin Souls, Soul Mates, Passionate soul contracts, Obsessions, addictions, crossed, betrayed, forgotten, abandoned souls, the ones that got away, relationships of all kinds, relationships of all aspects of the heart.

All relations of the sacral chakra.

Clear the global karmic field.

Restore to the original divine order.

Unify and heal

Unify and heal

Unify and heal

Astral Targeted souls, Broken souls, lost souls, empty souls, fragmented souls, impartial spirits, disoriented spirits, imposter spirits, souls stuck in death screens in the bardo processes, and souls stuck in the rips and tears in the space-time continuums. Nuclear Souls, Space dust return souls. Wesa Souls, Black wormhole souls.

Cross Pass and Clear…

Cross Pass and Clear…

Unify and Heal..

Clearing and removing the crucifixion, persecution, and stigmata wounds from the 7th-dimensional collective body.

A call to the crux, reveal the truth to the land and cleanse the grids…

Clearing spikes, nails, crowns, proteins, splinters, splitters, and reversals.

Send the purified signals of celestial cosmic love straight to the core of the Vatican.

Remove the red ropes, and set the births without karma free, virgin birthing free, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Medusa, Pachamama, all grail lines of the Fluer De Lys.

Open and Clear, Activate Heal and Unify.

Heal and Unify.

Heal and Unify.

Heal and Unify.

I just wanted to give a special thanks to my amazing friend Bart Czaplicki for coming with me to Machu Picchu, sacrificing, and working overtime to for the creative aspects of production in editting, graphic design, and authentic music. You can find his works at his website below,

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