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Cosmic Energy Update: The Black Sun's Connection to Aryan Cults & Pole Manipulation

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


I am officially back and settled in from my travels to the Yucatan and have been working most extensively interactively with all of you this previous week I have been back. So thank you to everyone who has recently had a session with me either doing the Advanced Avatar Master Practices or a J-Seal Removal.

I appreciate your dedication to higher consciousness and to being on mission as a galactic being embodied here on earth. Don’t forget every self-actualized galactic mission comes with a duty to fulfill with a message to the earth humans as a speaker of wisdom able to transmit through nuclear atomic codes. This is a trusted initiation into a highly activated silicate matrix!

The sillicate matrix is considered a Diamond Sun Activation, which is why I call my Facebook group Diamond Suns Human Grail Llines (please feel free to join, link below) but also, this silicate matrix comes online with the Black Diamond Sun as well. As we go further into the core of the earth, further into the consciousness of the pole, and into the magnetic north.

This is where this silicate consciousness resides, it is also in the rocks in the mantle- the unconscious collective spiritual containers in the mantle, in the black blood oil, which ends up being the glue in the body holding together your mass, and the dormant and junk portions of the DNA. Silica is the number one substance in the body after oxygen. This silicate matrix represents-the original angelic human rehabilitation of 12 strands of DNA. Twice-born, fully embodied through two spectrums of the sun.

Diamond Sun Human Grail Lines

Melchizedek Cloister Elohei Elohei Lyran Anuhazi Lyran-Sirian Sirian Azurites Oraphim Turaneusiam Original Human Diamond and Emerald Sun Grail Lines Indigo Grail Lines STARSEEDS.


What I have been seeing psychically since Egypt and in Mexico at these highly powered planetary vortex sites is that the black sun is shedding its Aryan egregore of running reversals under a 10-dimensional seal. That the programs that state that the black sun does not allow for natural biological ascension to occur is a master race entrapment placed by the Aryan race in the 19th century to prevent you from moving into the evolution of organic timelines. These programs are beginning to break away in perception. Now that spiritual physics and quantum life has taken a collective living life force and that we are entering into is new space in the black sun where stigmas will cease to exist. Where transcendence of coming into being and then going out of being is recollecting this pure unconditional state and was the apex of Aryan spiritual practice. This is transforming more into visibility. That is why the black sun has been physically seen over Mexico for the last 6 months. This dual solar awareness allows you to see the hidden parts of self and the human collective akashic field into intelligence fields beyond yet still within the galactic core and deep into the unconscious mantle of the earth into a space of totality where even deeper spectrums of the black diamonds solar consciousness exist and take you into the water of life. The space where the Green never fades and the golden age never ends.

Here is a quote by Carl Jung. I wanted to tell you guys that felt fitting. "Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos. He is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional participation in natural events which has a symbolic meaning for him. Thunder is no longer the voice of God, nor is lightning his evading missle. No river contains a spirit, no tree means a man's life. No snake is the embodiment of wisdom, no mountain still harbors a great demon. His immediate communication with nature is gone forever and the emotional energy it generated has now sunk into the unconscious." (Carl Jung)

He’s saying the reality of our natural connection has been sublimated to the unconscious mind. I also think it’s important to notate the line no mountain still harbors a great demon. As it shows the release of the pressures of the dualism in what is perceived as fallen or ascended. A state of coming into totality or total darkness that births the way to the light. The renewal of the world is the prophecy of the seventh race that will finally bring the eternal laws that govern the world. The laws that are the 7 great mysteries of the cosmos that never fail through the motion of revolving cycles they are the great illusion and the great deceiver. But, beneath this is crystal rivers and the written scrolls of wisdom. The prophecy of the 6th sub-races into the 7th that come when all that is not I is dissolved. Where the godhead is wrapped on all sides is in darkness and when the central fire at the universal core is now seen. This is all coming up for transcendence now.

I can tell you that galactic titles are being served daily to those who are ready so if this message is resonating so far today I encourage you to become unparalleled in your accomplishments of self-termination because we need you now!

We need you at the time of the 6th age of consciousness; the time where the masters of wisdom hold space in the center of the world!