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Cosmic Energy Update: The Black Sun's Connection to Aryan Cults & Pole Manipulation

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


I am officially back and settled in from my travels to the Yucatan and have been working most extensively interactively with all of you this previous week I have been back. So thank you to everyone who has recently had a session with me either doing the Advanced Avatar Master Practices or a J-Seal Removal.

I appreciate your dedication to higher consciousness and to being on mission as a galactic being embodied here on earth. Don’t forget every self-actualized galactic mission comes with a duty to fulfill with a message to the earth humans as a speaker of wisdom able to transmit through nuclear atomic codes. This is a trusted initiation into a highly activated silicate matrix!

The sillicate matrix is considered a Diamond Sun Activation, which is why I call my Facebook group Diamond Suns Human Grail Llines (please feel free to join, link below) but also, this silicate matrix comes online with the Black Diamond Sun as well. As we go further into the core of the earth, further into the consciousness of the pole, and into the magnetic north.

This is where this silicate consciousness resides, it is also in the rocks in the mantle- the unconscious collective spiritual containers in the mantle, in the black blood oil, which ends up being the glue in the body holding together your mass, and the dormant and junk portions of the DNA. Silica is the number one substance in the body after oxygen. This silicate matrix represents-the original angelic human rehabilitation of 12 strands of DNA. Twice-born, fully embodied through two spectrums of the sun.

Melchizedek Cloister Elohei Elohei Lyran Anuhazi Lyran-Sirian Sirian Azurites Oraphim Turaneusiam Original Human Diamond and Emerald Sun Grail Lines Indigo Grail Lines STARSEEDS.


What I have been seeing psychically since Egypt and in Mexico at these highly powered planetary vortex sites is that the black sun is shedding its Aryan egregore of running reversals under a 10-dimensional seal. That the programs that state that the black sun does not allow for natural biological ascension to occur is a master race entrapment placed by the Aryan race in the 19th century to prevent you from moving into the evolution of organic timelines. These programs are beginning to break away in perception. Now that spiritual physics and quantum life has taken a collective living life force and that we are entering into is new space in the black sun where stigmas will cease to exist. Where transcendence of coming into being and then going out of being is recollecting this pure unconditional state and was the apex of Aryan spiritual practice. This is transforming more into visibility. That is why the black sun has been physically seen over Mexico for the last 6 months. This dual solar awareness allows you to see the hidden parts of self and the human collective akashic field into intelligence fields beyond yet still within the galactic core and deep into the unconscious mantle of the earth into a space of totality where even deeper spectrums of the black diamonds solar consciousness exist and take you into the water of life. The space where the Green never fades and the golden age never ends.

Here is a quote by Carl Jung. I wanted to tell you guys that felt fitting. "Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos. He is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional participation in natural events which has a symbolic meaning for him. Thunder is no longer the voice of God, nor is lightning his evading missle. No river contains a spirit, no tree means a man's life. No snake is the embodiment of wisdom, no mountain still harbors a great demon. His immediate communication with nature is gone forever and the emotional energy it generated has now sunk into the unconscious." (Carl Jung)

He’s saying the reality of our natural connection has been sublimated to the unconscious mind. I also think it’s important to notate the line no mountain still harbors a great demon. As it shows the release of the pressures of the dualism in what is perceived as fallen or ascended. A state of coming into totality or total darkness that births the way to the light. The renewal of the world is the prophecy of the seventh race that will finally bring the eternal laws that govern the world. The laws that are the 7 great mysteries of the cosmos that never fail through the motion of revolving cycles they are the great illusion and the great deceiver. But, beneath this is crystal rivers and the written scrolls of wisdom. The prophecy of the 6th sub-races into the 7th that come when all that is not I is dissolved. Where the godhead is wrapped on all sides is in darkness and when the central fire at the universal core is now seen. This is all coming up for transcendence now.

I can tell you that galactic titles are being served daily to those who are ready so if this message is resonating so far today I encourage you to become unparalleled in your accomplishments of self-termination because we need you now!

We need you at the time of the 6th age of consciousness; the time where the masters of wisdom hold space in the center of the world!

You could say here in Saqqara is the black sun, the ruby-black sun, the diamond black sun and the double diamond black sun.Please See Full Video Here:https:/...

The Lords of the night is important because the Mayans worshipped lunar deities that were the essence of all their rituals...this is the basis of their occulti...

But before I go further, I'm guided to put a disclaimer on this article. Speaking of the black sun is an honor and a privilege and some paths with limited depth perception will never discover it. So if you hold resistance to this topic of discussion today. I encourage you to never fully give yourself to something you do not understand and please do your own research, vet the information yourself and self gnosis checks to vibrate what is and isn't your truth into alignment. Remember you are the one who gets to choose in every moment what does and doesn’t exist in your world, your free will is your ultimate power and I honor your journey and your path. I have so much love for you guys but this is where I am at on my journey, this is what I see, and I stand in great courage sometimes to speak about things that are not always easy to speak about when it comes to the vulnerability of my own spiritual transformation.Those who know me well from Patreon (please see the link below to join) know I strive forward through self-experimentation and deconstruction of demonization that these two aspects are very important facets of my mission. So I can be very serious about it because I am dedicated.

Welcome to IndigoAngel's Patreon Page, where you can find videos for visualizations, stargate grid working maps, and advanced avatar content. I have put my Blood, Sweat, Tears, and every OUNCE of my Being and Dedication into bringing you the Best video series for strategic cognitive consciousness development.

The Mayans have been collectively preparing us for all of this since time awareness marker 2012. That generation Z is currently anchoring into the earth grids as the emergence of the Aryan sub-root-race has begun and until full transcendence brings forth the 6th root race. So we really are at a pivotal point of cultural epochs where Aryan concepts, programs, limitations, traumas, mass genocides and dramas, and running planetary system overlaps are beginning to become visible. Where we can identify what stack of cards we were playing in and through. It’s like we can't fully see the holds of something evolutionally genetically pre-disposed until we begin to come out on the other side. And that's where we are coming out on the other side. So we are going to talk about some of the fallen concepts of the Aryan race today particularly the black sun, this was when the pole was damaged and with held from you, and deconstruct some of the demonizations that were implanted during Aryan timelines to deepen the holds of Atlantean fallen patriarchal and 4th-dimensional astral war machine systems and keep people in fear of fully going into the collective unconscious. Which is absolutely necessary to breakdown indoctrinated lawful universal systems opposing eternal laws, creating universal construct systems of entrapment through master race enslavement that extenuate from 1D into the nets of the cosmic realms, strategically designed manipulated programs to keep you from your natural harmonic rhythms of full expansion into the space where heaven and earth meet. And the full embodied state of the galactic core. This collective wave of the 6th subrace transformation is taking place now mostly in the Australias and the United States, parts of Canada, and other smaller locations, the capitals of exposing outdated global hooks, systems, and even archetypal prompted egreggors. What we have known and trusted for eons of Atlantean systems. A space where even spiritual confusion now keeps you trapped in unconscious templar-paralysis…. But this is Mostly in anglo groups- Anglo American, anglo Canadian, Anglo- Australian, and anglo- new Zealander groups. These groups and generation Z are having the most cognitive astral emotions apart from the ordinary waking consciousness blending this merge fully into the coming of the 6th age, these unseen collective mind powers, powering the wheel of evolution. These are the prospering sub-races on the ascending cycle. Generation Z considered the zoomers babies born in the 2000s succeeding Millenials.The first social generation considered digital natives. These are some not all of the new groups carrying these codes. There are of course more.

I have been on the pursuit of this deeper understanding even more and ever since I realized that the consciousness of the black sun goes back to the Lemurian root race, the hyperboreans, and to the core of creation, the black blood oil of the earth, the volcanoes, the black sand beaches in Iceland and Hawaii. Some places you can see the physical manifestation of this energy on earth. (See pictures above of black sand beaches in Reynisfjara, Iceland.)

The Mayans and the Egyptians engaged with the mind of the sun. So it’s easy to tune into when you dive into their akashic field the way that they seen solar intelligence. Ra himself is bound to the material sun, but has depths of scripture in the Egyptian Funerary Text about the extent of the black sun and the 12 caves, the 12 hours of the night, and the 12 goddesses that take you through the depths of the black sun. They also understood the variations to solar consciousness and worked with all of these aspects for deeper access to their core essence and eternal life. They inherently understood the golden sun feeds the life to the physical world because the light came before life, therefore life depends upon light and actually aspires to be light. But the black sun fed the spirit and the link to eternity and came as the first sun, therefore the golden sun depends upon the black. Which could signify also the solar sun depending upon the metagalactic core. Or and simultaneously to, multi- spectrums of solar realities. What I have attributed this also too on a multi-dimensional level is helium emission and absorption process’s within the sun. Which may be one fundamental difference between the light and the dark sun.

When electrons are in an excited quantum state and release extra light radiation energy the sun exudes the golden sun. When the sun is in absorption we feel the spiritual effects of the black sun especially if it is absorbing dark matter, which scientists are now on the verge of prooving. It's almost As if the identity of our own sun itself has a polarity switch of light and dark.. or the reflection of our own sun is seen differently at each earth pole…

The Aryan race is responsible for damaging the north pole. This is the reason why the north pole doesn't reside on a continental landmass and is constantly moving- have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Why are we under a constant state of the threat of a pole tilt? Do you really think that is not artificially created construct fear tactics? That they haven't taken upon technologies of the core of the earth and how to manipulate it. Surely if Bill Gates is altering the sun they have already mastered the core and the magnetic north manipulation. These are control tactics of the technology of the Aryan global running programs they are much more advanced than the Atlantean forefathers. They emerged from the fall of Atlantis and the nazi germans took this mostly upon themselves to carry on this legacy.

Do you really think there is only one arm at the galactic core constantly out of order compared to the others? No, they are always a harmonized self-renewing galactic circuit. I keep seeing this psychically, so take this how you like that the north magnetic pole was altered in accordance to the master Aryan races vision to dis-allow visible direction and core alignment. Pre- 1900’s, Neo-nazi Germany- the pivotal points in the Aryan expeditions to the north pole there was an agenda here that is set on an evolutionary timeline. That won't be mended until the 7th root race. The Aryan cults demonized the black sun to cover up their truths of what they discovered through it. They became selfish with its powers because it was seen as serving as the center of power concentration. And those who knew this were given great access to the deepest hidden talents and power within the personality because it is the direct spiritual link to the pole. This is why the swastica became dishonored as the devil’s sign. What does Satan have to do with this highly metaphysical symbol?

It is the extension of the four arms of the meta-galactic core and therefore the pole.

Please see the Secret Doctrine Vol. 2 pg 66, because I don't have time to go into this as extensively as I would like to, but Madame Blavatsky speaks of this extensively.

So through the Aryan cults the black sun was equated this sun to Saturn the sun of the ancient past… and therefore came forth the black cube of Saturn, satan worship, symbols for the archons. The symbols for man’s limitations, restrictions, death & decay. But there are so many different variations of this solar perspective…so don't get caught up in one perspective keep your mind open to what they were trying to cover up here. Have we not learned our lessons from the Bible? They demonize what they don't want you to know about.

But anyone knows if you have reverred your solar deity or god as El. You have ultimately worshipped Saturn as the first sun…. Because the Semites referred to Saturn as El. Also Is-isis, Ra-as Ra, El as Saturn- Israel!

That brings this full circle back to the Isis cults and Ra and the funerary texts.

Corinthians 11:14 states... and no wonder… for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light…666 the number of the sun or the light bearer.

A seal- the 666 seal- that we physically remove out of your body in a J-Seal removal because the program literally no longer serves the 6th age of consciousness and god sovereign freedom. Neither do the templar seals that were placed at the fall of Atlantis and have carried over for deeper devastation through the Aryan race where they literally attributed the most mystic symbolism to satan such as the black sun wheel and the swastica- which literally means the galactic core and the hammer of Thor.

The black sun is the link to dematerialization, deconstruction and dark mother matter because dark matter actually streams through the sun’s core. The substance that makes up 85 percent of the matter in the universe, the structure of the cosmos itself. The golden sun converting dark matter axioms to photonic living radial energy through our sun. Deepening the understanding of the same conversion process taking place in our sun that the geomancy of our own universal tree of life uses as it emerges from the solar plexus in the biological body. Which are the gateways to the original quantum creation fields- the dark mother matter. These Aryan programs are the reverse awareness in the direction that life itself spins.

Which is truly simultaneously forward and back, it’s only your perception of a constant state of forward impeded upon the mind within your Gregorian post the fall of Atlantis pre-Aryan calendar system. Giving you one small distorted perception of time guidelines to follow.. a deep program not many cannot unfortunately release. Unable to see time in its truest function which is in the principle of a harmonic resonance of tones. Time is tones.

That we have two distinct suns, one that is conscious and one that is unconscious. The unconscious sun is celebrated at a total solar eclipse when the black sun shows itself in its entirety. Please see the cosmic energy update I put out in September 2020 (the link is above) It’s called the black diamond sun and helium spectrums. I recorded this in Heliopolis Egypt. Where I go over the atomic scales of solar activations, the substance of the sun, and the higher alchemical calling that goes into the consciousness of the black diamond sun.

The Black diamond sun is important to acknowledge because it is the counterpart and spectrum of the multi-dimensional radial heliocosm range of the diamond sun and within this counterpart spectrum are split polarities at each end of their spectrums. Within each split polarities are mirroring parallels of the same dimension through a different heliocosm lense. This is where the different frequencies of black solar consciousness can exist.

All 4th density liquid light fields

Ruby black diamond fields

Blue-black diamond fields

Silver black diamond fields.

Black white grey diamond fields


The black sun meaning purification of the black matter transmitting into a new state of life and re-birth. Spectrums that either harmonize or vilify an aspect of your awareness, illuminate and make consciousness or shamefully deny its existence through global spiritual cognitive dissonance. This choice is our to evolve and reach new heights of understanding.

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