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Cosmic Grid Update: The Ark of the Covenant, Andromedan Passageways, The Stargate of Aden Part 2

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Ark of the Covenant grid that we are going to discuss today, I feel is an extension grid that operates off or in cohesiveness with the Sea-Gate, and Black Water Project. It works in cohesiveness to several other grid systems as well which I will get into more in this update. But not to confuse things, if you don’t know what Sea-gate or Black Water project is, you just want to see my most recent video, (link below) It is called The Orion Galactic Energy Update that I just put up on my channel regarding the Stargate of Aden. An underwater Orion Nibiru Stargate. That’s essentially used as a passageway that galactic Orion Royals may be using for several covert missions, top-secret quantum exchanges, galactic transport, UFO Activity, and defense stations from galactic invasions. The Nibiru Orion Royals and Anunnaki Royals all use the Stargate of Aden. This is why this is a highly militarized Stargate on the earth through the global Navy fleets, and ties deeply into the secret space program operations that they are running. ALL of this ties in and Through Aryan Occultists and Aldebaran Draco Nazi’s, freemasons, CIA intelligence, Zeta operations, monarchies, Templars and secret societies, and the United Kingdom and Germanic supported CERN. As we know the UK and Germany are the biggest financial supporters of CERN's operations. You can find that on the CERN website I believe where they list their highest supporting financial contributors by country. And British philosophers and aristocrats being the only ones crazy enough to keep trying to pay off the Israelian officials to mine and dig for the ark of the covenant underneath the noble stone. Failing every time to the faithful of the ark that ban against them to expose them. Never finding it, and never coming up with it because it’s being protected from getting in the hands of CERN by Merovingian and Melchizedek bloodlines. But believe me the British want the ark…

This message is for you Orion starseed because there is an open (Sea-Gate) Orion Stargate that has opened with high military Navy Seal involvement, in the Gu...


This is a real battleship Stargate- the Stargate of Aden. None of that fluffy stuff is going down here, it’s as serious as it’s going to get here! Where there is a secret galactic government running galactic witness protection programs to and from Mintaka. I think they are using the leverage of the Andromaden time passage to piggyback off this energy current and use it for power to and from Orion. The reasons why they use the black water project is they have access to the Anunnaki spaceport in the Sinai that also leads to the Anunnaki Stargate location at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Also through this galactic canal here through the Gulf of Aden into the red sea provides a safe route for entering and exiting underground tunnels and cities, and underwater travels, hence the discrepancy for the witness protection programs.

But I also think they are using it for secret visits to and from the Ark, which is located just on the other side of the Stargate in Ethiopia.

And ultimately this red line here marks the route king of Solomon took exploring the coast of Africa (see picture below). To place 5th-dimensional security seals from one accessing this grid, from accessing the Ark of the Covenant. So they placed shields all around the coasts of Africa. This is why I feel there is a ton of legend of the Ark leaving Africa. In such places such as Rome and Ireland. But, maybe it never really truly ever has left Africa because of the Seals of Solomon and because it’s nestled in the eyes of the rhino African heart. Guarded by Centurion Orions.

The Ark of the Covenant grid is an African grid, that carries the heart frequency of Africa and the African blue flame that comes down from the planetary Universal Tree of Life in Norway. This grid consists of the entire country of Ethiopia, where the Ark most likely currently resides and I say most likely because of all the historical dirty laundry and look likes and deception that’s taken place about its where about's. The Ark resides most likely in Axum Ethiopia. The country holding the landmass memory and encoding to the Ark since before the 10th century.

And a good read on this stuff if your looking for literature is, "The sign and the seal", by Graham Hancock where he went to Axum Ethiopia looking for the Ark and documents his experience, which is very detailed. (Highly recommended read)

But we also have here, (on picture above) Laka Tana where the Ark was concealed for 800 years. It’s important because any site that has contained the Ark will still hold its memory imprint into the landmass memory extenuating into the spiritual soul collectives and running reality fields for activation.

And of course (above) Aksum, Ethiopia, where the Ark currently is held and safeguarded by an Ethiopian priest named Gebra Mikail. In a sanctuary called the Ark of the Covenant at Aksum. And why it’s here is because the King of Solomon and Queen of Sheba had gotten it on and had a son named Menelik who came and took the ark when he visited his father when he became the first Solomonic empire of Ethiopia. So that’s the actual story of this and why it is there. But, why this ultimately could be false is the amount of catastrophes that happened during the falls of Solomon’s temples. The Ethiopian’s say it was removed during Solomon’s reign.

This grid also consists of all of the Mother Arc locations globally because the Ark of the Covenant grid is the host to all the technology of the ancient Aquilan builder races- hence which the Ark grid also powers the Aquilan grid/overlay, it hosts all of the original 7 ancient races of Lemuria, and hosts the matrix that transmits to Andromeda. That is where the 10 commandments originally came from was the Andromedans that visited Moses with Cherubim, Seraphim, and the Andromedans which have always been very clear about this when I tune into their collective transmission fields. They are adamant about the fact that they take the role of these types of orders on earth. This is why the Andromedas are the keepers of the violet flame- they are the keepers of all moral human behavior on the earth. Through 10th density fields for 10 commandments upholding the planetary monad rod and staff. Teaching him/Moses to build the Arc with the assistance of the Cherubim and Seraphim (the guardians) to restore the 13th-dimensional avatar matrices on the earth that restores and links into all of the mother arc gate sites.

Now I have these labeled in light blue(picture above)

And the locations are:

  • 1 Adare, Ireland

  • 2 Stonehenge, England

  • 3 Seattle, Wash, US

  • 4 Manhattan Island, US

  • 5 Bali, South Pacific

  • 6 Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

  • 7 Phoenix, Arizona US

  • 8 the Atlantic Ocean, SW of Bermuda (64.9W, 32.1N)

  • 9 Antarctica (13W, 88S)

  • 10 Baghdad, Iraq

  • 11 Newgrange Ireland

  • 12 Cornwall, UK

(And I will leave a link below to where you can find these Stargate locations)

This also consists of Ark Stargates that are

1 Arkadia, Poland

2 Arkansas City Kansas

3 Arkansas State

4 Arkel, Netherlands

5 Arklow, Ireland

And last but not least this consists of the Rondane Mountains. A Stargate location that houses the Polarian Gate, which hosts the planetary Sacred Tree of Life. This gate facilitates the akashic fields of the 1st root races the Hyperboreans, it’s called the Yggdrasil, this comes from Norse cosmology, the immense and central sacred tree that includes 9 worlds. The tree is centered straight to the magnetic north, into the Polarian gate and straight into the Cosmos. This is the specific gateway where the Andromedan gateways open up and where all the interface mechanics are taking place with the arc of the Covenant. It’s a time portal passage between the Ark Stargates and Andromeda. The Arcturians are deeply a part of this as well.

The 13th Pillar or Transharmonic Gates. The Holy Mother is progressively returning to reclaim and restore her creation, advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic Female Coding.

And what is interesting is if you follow the Mother Arc gates, and the Ark Stargates, and the Yggdrasil you can visibly see an arc that all these gates follow.

I also put the Dome Rock on here, the foundation of the stone of the world where Solomon’s temple was built, the Ark was placed here for 3000 years at one point before it vanished. So a lot of transmissions are taking place between several locations globally to function the correct Ark frequencies. I also labeled the Al-Aqsa-Mosque- because this was the knight's templar headquarters in the 12th century, and supposedly they may have kept the Ark here for some time, and then it later got moved to underneath Dome Rock in Jerusalem, the Holy of Holies. The place considered where creation began, the foundation of the stone of the world where Solomon’s temple was built, the Ark was placed here for 3000 years at one point before it vanished and was sealed underneath secret passages of the Noble Rock that leads into passages into the center of the earth. This also may be a destination location for galactic traveling coming in and out of the stargate of Aden.

And it’s always amazing to me how one thing always leads into another. I never would have realized the Ark was within the passage route to the Stargate of Aden if I hadn’t looked deeper into that Stargate. That gate is so heavily guarded because just on the other side of that Stargate is the Ark of the Covenant. I mean just look at this map, it’s clear that this Stargate is an access point to the Ark with Ethiopia just being right there.

Through this Stargate, they can generate power from the Ark of the covenant- Where they want to beam into the ark and alter the bio-sphere of the planetary blu ray field. Also, beam into it and siphon off of the core of the planet by sending electromagnetic pulse frequencies into it, and experimenting on it. Wanting to use it as a power source, the same experimental control freaks that messed with it before and sunk Atlantis with it! This is a very powerful earth grid that protects earth consciousness, opens up gateway interfaces into Andromedan passageways, Restores moral human behavior, returns the holy mother to earth, and pulls earth out of quarantine frequencies. Which I spoke about in more detail in my last Arcturian starseed origin reading. I spoke about all of how the earth was in quarantine frequencies. From the plandemic- depopulation campaigns taking kill shots to earth being locked out of communication with galactic communities.

The ark needs to open for this to be lifted, if it opens ascension will be more available to more people, but more people have to reach that 5th-dimensional strand of the DNA for the Ark to open.

Thank you for tuning in! Have a Beautiful Everything, Indie ❤️

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