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Starseeds play the most imperative role on earth that usher’s in the new earth timelines.

Today I want to understand why Starseed consciousness, or what I refer to as celestial consciousness awakening- this phase of ascension capacity; is a crucial/essential aspect of development in ones entire ascension capacity process. That highly attunes your psychic abilities to the sub-atomic spiritual field spectrum. If you are meant to go galactic, you are meant to go quantum cognition. Everything is rapid accelerative inter-multi-dimensionality here.. This is the 4th- dimensional spacetime experience of higher linguistic capacities and expanded collective radial mind field attunement.

This is what activates within the avatar body. The avatar is also a crucial development phase in ascending to the Starseed awakening processes. Avatar is a term used to describe a 12 Dimensional, simultaneously conscious being, the highest expression of the consciousness of the original human-divine blueprint. This is the state of being of a true christ consciousness 12 DNA strands or silicate matrix. And I'm not talking biblical. I am talking cosmic christ divine light! These are the cosmic heavenly principles. We all have an Avatar Christos future/past/now self, and we can call upon this aspect of our identity for support in our personal ascension. These are the fundamentals of the starseed journey.

Now, you guys are used to me talking about gridwork mostly and the development of gridwork spiritual technologies. But for March, I am taking a step back and focusing on the celestial fundamentals that ultimately built in me the knowledge of gridwork, the higher consciousness expansion I went through to get here, and the activations I needed to be such an influential gridworker. I have been getting messages that I was supposed to share much of these processes with you guys. To inner stand the cosmic influence that guides and transmits from the radial stargates in the planetary body that ultimately teaches humanity and builds the organic grid templating in which we embody and walk upon and through. And we have been getting many messages lately that gridwork is the subsequent evolutionary phase meant to assist humanity the most. In a collective awakening process within the higher consciousness community fields, this knowledge is taking flight, and this knowledge will begin to build and carve out the planetary spiritual development processes that allow for new earth architecture to lay the foundation. These are 144,000 rebirthing and mission processes, activating the 144 harmonics in the earth and anchoring the double-diamond light sun body. That's the diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun. And the planetary diamond architecture. All of this works spiritually sub-atomically to call forth the new earth prophecies.

The new earth prophecy is not something that doesn't already exist here. It is here now. It is being built by indigo's empaths, starseeds, and 144,00 for radial differentiation, celestial influence, and Starseed interaction with the planet and the grid. I don't want any of you to give up on the new earth, to question the reality or the truth of this. If it is or isn't coming. I have been shown that I am a vision holder of this truth. I have the vision to create pathways to get there because I have been shown how those realities are being built on earth. I have written about this many times. Please read these articles to catch up on the prophecies and where I have covered the details of the new earth architecture.

Are you ready to get into mission? For starseeds this life is ultimately all about getting on mission. This is the apex of the starseeds ascent, the moment when actions, dedication, and consistency merge with your cosmic mind and the awareness of the radial celestial sources within in which support that.

We have built a galactivation course that fully focuses on mission! Are you ready to take that leap of faith and build this new earth?

A once in a lifetime cosmic transformational event. Talk about completely going galactic! A total cosmic mind galacticvation!

An In-depth 4-day/20-Hour galactic course container live webinar event with world-class emissaries from the stars. March 31, April 1, April 2, April 3 2023.

Embrace your starseed soul from brand-new perspectives Be guided and activated to your mission on the earth Courageously break through challenges and limitations of the matrix Activate your 12-22 dimensional chakra system Learn light language and your mother tongue from the stars Remember advanced galactic history and restore your cosmic akashic records Become intimately connected with your higher self Purify old stagnant patterns that limit your DNA’s expression

If you email both your receipts for your starseed origin reading and enrollment of the Starseed course to we will send you 1 FREE Starseed Activator of your choice or according to your Starseed origin results, PLUS one free PDF of my book ~ How to Read Celestial Starseed Akashic Origins. (This will apply to past starseed origin reading purchases) This offer is valid until March 15, 2023!

Why does starseed consciousness play a role in our current ascension timelines?

This is a fundamental question as many will come to inner-stand that ascension takes place in many phases of activation within your biological markers for the next level of awakening phase that you are in. Each level of awakening takes you deeper into the subtlety realms; going galactic is equivalent to going quantum cognition/awareness in your spiritual field perception.

The breakdown of this awareness begins in the radial bodies and the templating where Starseed consciousness runs/is the living encoding to the celestial genetic diversity in one's field- through the base levels of your light body at the geomancy of your universal tree of life. Your universal tree of life is directly connected into the bone density, the honeycomb- hexagonal geometry- the organic flower of life, the protein, amino acids, 64 codons, DNA and genetic complexes of the body. So you pick up on the awareness of this radial genetic diversity that runs and where it runs and is the blueprint to your cosmic identity.

The starseeds were a part of the planetary evolutionary cycle/plan to hold the DNA strands 4-12 activated to have the template of the divine-human intact through the cycles of evolution. They are destined to retrieve the avatar in this life!!! And beyond that! Starseed consciousness awareness typically occurs when one has accelerated past and through the threshold of the 12D field spectrum and comes online at around the 13-22 Dimensional framework of the cosmic mind. Going galactic is going into the infinite realms and the super mastery fields of high-level psychic mastery~ where ultra-terrestrial inter-dimensionality is activated. One can anchor cosmic intelligence into this earthly body and hold radial genetic memory to past and future stations of memory identity. Most starseeds will have the memory of all 7 root race life experiences, as these memories slowly awaken in one's process. And most hold global civilizational geochronological capacities as well. - They also activate pulse points on the earth that brought forth all 12 tribes of humankind.

Currently, those that have at least activated their Mayan blueprint pulse point will be able to fully actualize that we are in an evolutionary ascension cycle that is re-harmonizing us back to the original galactic synchronization of space-time, and pop out and remove their Draco seals here and fully integrate the 4th-dimensional time perception and new earth light grid templates that run in the earth.

The starseeds are the ones who will be reading, integrating, and transmitting the ascension codes during this evolutionary cycle. This allows them to interpret the new earth's light field matrices that build the inner core spiritual pre-matter bodies to the new world. So many starseeds came to work on behalf of this process and to be the vision holders that build the new earth through this visibility.

This is entirely what mission work is about at a fundamental core level.

And the mission is entirely a life of service to the vision of a building that new earth. So many of us have sacrificed everything to walk this path and it is without question it is a knowing of the truth of what we are becoming.

The message for starseeds within this is to go back to your childhood and remember what brought you joy, for it is usually the same thing as what is embedded in/as your galactic mission. The mission is where your heart finds purpose in serving others with alignment to joy and sacrifice. The sacrifice of the self is the base frequency of the law of one.

Starseeds have specific roles and a humanitarian spiritual mission based on the law of one to help free the planetary soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by through the false father god religions. This is to elevate and change destructive timelines through genetic rehabilitation and erase damaging aggressive mind control software programs. These software programs, "religions," were put in place by the patriarchal dominant to be worshipped as Gods and efficiently enforce the enslavement of the planetary population.

For Starseeds, this lifetime is a recon mission to gather the intel required to comprehend the levels of genetic damage and restore it. Many of us have spent years rehabilitating the Anunnaki gene code. Repairing the total stargate collapse in Atlantis.

We are to find the source of the planetary invasion, identify the primary invader races, and attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the souls enslaved, abused, and entrapped in repeated reincarnation cycles under limited and damaged DNA codes.

One of the primary issues is the horrifying violation of the human soul from hostile alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse SRA, soul body siphoning, sexual mutilation, cloning replicant bodies, artificial wombs and using living human bodies, sperm, and ovum to genetically farm humans and E.T. hybrid bodies. However, we still see heavily in play the needlecraft technology of the non-human entities that won the last war and rewrote history in their favor against humans.

So why am I so dedicated to this? Why I have gone all in, why I have created Starseed activators, written a methodology book to interpret your Starseed origins, and now launching a Starseed consciousness course with two other divine Starseed way-showers, Pink Bella Aloha, and Lightstar is because these teachers where also chosen to guide the new ascension waves of starseeds and because starseeds play the most imperative role on earth that ushers in the new earth timelines and works to correct all that is diabolical, viral, mutated, and degraded spiritually, biologically, and planetarily. The starseeds are the only ones who can receive the higher intelligence information/transmissions from their star systems of origin and use that information on earth to implement the evolution ascension timeline.

So the benefits of this course are ultimately too many to count. And what you heard me speak about today is just a fraction of what I will get into in the course. I will be going into the depths of advanced galactic history, walking through humankind's descent, beginning with the Lyran and Orion wars. It is essential to integrate cosmic history and cosmic Akash.

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